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what is that
clue: what's your name again? whuh? who said you were my daughter?
i am even more confused?

all variants of cheese man

w_licky for candyland

why just quote
Kiflyte said:
all variants of cheese man

w_licky for candyland

why did quote
i'm starting to miss pixelated flower cat, i just don't want it put it my gallery.
ooh! interesting results: i smiled when i saw the picture.

apparently, the pixelated version is less worse than the original painting.
Smiles are contagious

i'm gonna put this as my avatar for april fools
April fools is over

You’re a bit late
i know i am

i've made a masterpiece
Yes, that's true. A true masterpiece.


i took the tears off poiki's computer screen cause i thought that was a little too melodramatic
its not your computer screen, its my computer screen
i'm sorry, poikichoi. i'll fix it.
I quoted to show that you gave credit Cheese Man
OMG I just got auto-banned. I sent my email and the ban's been lifted. So I was auto-banned for like a few hours?

Let me redo the post that got me banned. But with a lot of spam-like behavior.

Who sent this pfp to me?