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Oh, btw e-bag, cinnamon toast claims to know more about trains than anyone else. Prove that piece of crusty bread wrong

cinnamon toast is my frien tho :(((
you know how when you focus really hard on something, you sort of go glassy-eyed?
i'm saying my new avatar is glassy eyed
W_Licky said:

How did I do, @HydroManiac1?
wha- that's so pretty. the tree is so good
I had no idea what I was doing. I just tried stuff until it looked good then forgot about the sand
wow thats great

I will rotate my pfps
i ruined hydros pfp

you forgot deep dream
that takes too much time
My version of Hydro's PFP

sock man
Made a version of ebag

PoikiChoi said:

sock man

i knew it
How do you add gallery images to a post?
if you scroll down, there's an image insert. you can open the galery image in a new tab, and use the link to that.

Edit: it didn’t work...

Heres what it should be, the URL was just broken
Gave my alt Jaxxie with a halo.
she just looks upset