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Sure I may not be demented, but I want the snow poff
Snow poff delivered!
hey broncoboy, can you blurrify this? i tried to do it but for the first 6 pixels i ended up with dogshit

Yeah, send it

edit: I didn't see if you already did, but here's the results

Coldfrost said:
Send me the most random pfp in your gallery

Either the Blake/Sosyphrone hybrid or a snow poff. Take your pic.

the blake one
Send me the most random pfp in your gallery

i'll use this in april fools 2021

edit: added a little shine to it, tell me what you think

i like

Playing hairdresser 💇
not bad
What's that white thing on the lip?
's a fang, I think
Like I said before, I really can't do fangs since there's no real shape to it under the 32*32 resolution. Looks more like Goofy's teeth
I'm tired of having a face. Black square pfp!
ahaha, that's a bit goofy
You almost can't notice the second black square.
W_Licky said:
What's that white thing on the lip?

yeah, it's a fang. pood basically explained it well.
you've got to make do with having such a small canvas to work with, shrug
i still wish we could have the option for slightly larger canvases
A higher resolution option would be nice. Same area but twice the pixels to work with.
Imagine the 64*64 possibilities
4069 pixels to work with. The possibilities are endless!
Nice blurnana
Thank you!
with 64x64 pixels to work with, i'm going to create trash
that had better be literal
most likely