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they had a limited supply and i bought the last drill :/
Make a new one
We could fashion a drill from Samsung’s headphones.
I have headphones?
Those aren’t- headphones on your head?

its a hat
He has headphones on as well


Halloween Costume #8 : Sketchy
color theory sucks
Halloween Costume #9 : Spaaaaace
Now there's the theme.
I do love the lamp, but it's just not spooky enough.
I wanted to try to change this to a lunar eclipse, but alas, I'm just not good enough with colors. Spoopy moon in spoopy, though.
the moon is associated with vampires and rabbits and also is nice to look at

please do the moon from soleca station next
I read "vaginas"
the eternal nature and night stalking attributes of vampires
vampires, I guess.
something howl in the dead of night

pumpkin scream

shit whats the song im thinking of

please someone help me figure it out it was something something in the dead of night and i think it was a halloween song
I know the song, just not what it's called.

bloody monn!!!
i didnt know yoh played zelda, cheese