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Finally we truly have Sir Buggus
i love him
yay marvin told me that he will make a cool pfp for me yayayayay
Indeed I will.
Here it is, my dearest.

Sending it to you now.
oh my god oh my god oh my god i love it tysmmm <3333333
Thank you.

I actually started some of it in the past, but changed it to reflect your online persona a bit more.

(And, I added a heart because you're the bestest friend a guy could have. <33333)
awwwww <3333333
MuckaBluckisnotaDuck, do you want some land in my avatar map?

acky's nation is in purple at the north.

Anybody else want to put one in? Or add some land?
I want to expand
If Muck joins, I will ally with him. We will trade crops and things.
yes please :) can I have orange land next to Marvin please

NVM orange is already there
aprzn123 said:
Kenya believe it?
(Forget Norway!)
just seeing this

muck's pfp looks great. it's so aesthetic. i like it.
But your duck has a brain tumor.
it's not a tumor it's a tuft of hair
Ducks have hair?
crested ducks do
Not in the shape of a lump.
I mean, it does look a bit lumpy. Like a tiny chef hat.
i made myself into denmark :)

do you like it
Good job.
It looks great, Martin. You did well.