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I'm so awesomely original.
now I'm going to get so confused when I dont check your name
If heaven projected music down to earth, this is what it would sound like.
morgan freeman from half life 😱
weird faucet

looks nice!
one of my teachers starts foaming at the mouth when she sees a phone so i drawed it
youre so good at drawing stripes
thanks i used my thumb
Fine I changed my avatar

Sepiy has returned...
watch out
Can someone give me stripes' avatar? I must make my avatar mogustripes
Thanks, I am now mogustripes
What about Yipes?
Who is Yipes?
Small turtle.
new rule! everyone using a stripes avatar cannot use capitalization.

(except for reverse stripes, who must speak in all caps)
unfair :(
this is so confusing
and i love it

(i'm so used to capitalizing my i's, this is killing me)
So why do you have to speak in all lowercase, when last night, Stripes said that he'd start using it if Bug didn't eat.
wait really?