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So it might have been Alex

Went through a shit ton of iterations for this. I know the editor doesn't have a layers feature because it would be immensely cumbersome to implement but I'm at a point where I'm just planning on making an avatar generator myself. With maths.
Alot of work for shading
So it might have been Alex

huh? i havent been keeping up. whats me?

not me. i only have one account.
It wasn't me.
So far, the prize hasn't been claimed
I could constantly enter different bronco themed usernames in the URL of the website

EDIT: I am now
So far, the prize hasn't been claimed

Still hasn't been claimed

Looks like Acky won my challenge, I'll still do it until two more find the alt
Ya ay.

I’m gonna start one of these again. Pick a spot on the map to start. Battle royale. Muck and acky can be in one territory or just allied territories.

Edit: I added two dots. Those are the dual capitals. Main capital is Luoyang, the east, and secondary capital Chang’an in the western dot.
Woh. Looks like a USA and Philippines thing combined into one map. Fuck, that's China. I'm so sorry. Murica' moment.

Just in the yellow space or all of the green?
Only within the yellow. Having Luoyang makes you powerful. Having Chang’an almost as powerful.

And I’ll add other random territories as “bots”.

Pick a color and give me a general area.

Check my bio for the colors of of everyone
Give me somewhere northeast and purple, please.
I need more people. And acky like to expand? Also where’s muck?
A battle royale? HOLY POOOOOOGERS
Yea man. What do you need to expand, if anything?

Also, I could ask you the same thing about Mucky.
It's all random. Can you try to get all the people from the last time we did this, like e-bag and bronco?

How do you not know? Don't you go to the same school with muck?