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Hello, e-bag. Pick a spot on the map. You can coup or rebel from anyone. Read my bio for the key. I'd prefer if you choose a spot that rebels from the yellow imperial lands. And pick a color. Acky is purple and in the northeast btw.
Give me I S L A N D
Give me a random area and start me there in orange
e-bag said:
Give me I S L A N D

Only island you can use is Hainan, which looks connected to the mainland on this map. Also I need a color.
hello! can i join please?
Yes. Pick where in the available territory and a color. Look at the top of my bio too.

Bronco, you’re right under acky.
thanks, licky.
put me wherever. Can i be white?
thankyou so much :)
I will expand, then.

It is INSANELY embarrassing for me to bring up anything Two Cans related in real life. Therefore, I won't ask my little spoingy sweetie Muck about nothin'.
You should say where to expand.

I'll give you that peninsula bot to the right of you this time.
Thank you, sorry for not being specific, I'm a bit rusty on all this.
There's a powerful bot in the northwest that has control of the secondary capital, Chang'an. Not too dangerous yet, though. More people need to join and everyone on need to expand more and make some alliances (which you can of course betray so watch out).

Anyway, going to bed now. Bother me tomorrow.
Hoik hoik. Look at what I drawed.

Wario and Waluigi color scheme
I like it
Hoik hoik. Look at what I drawed.

This is the best drawing I've ever seen in my life

Original reference
W_Licky said:
I need more people. And acky like to expand? Also where’s muck?

If I wasn't busy with vidya games and stuff I would join. But I'm currently having a love affair with Risk of Rain 2, so I'll pass.
this is my new avatar

this took so long to draw. I would've drawn a crown but I'm too lazy and bad at this

could someone possibly draw a crown on top? sorry for asking, but I just can't draw one myself
Todays the day to use this crown I made. I made this like a year ago.

Changed the top to me resemble a cross and added some words.

Edit: See Bronco, I knew you would use this eventually!
Man, I feel like I need a queen-related pfp now
God save the Queen

Put Dawn through DALL-E, this is the best result

edit: I imported it into TCaS, I'll call them Elise

Should I bring out the og avatar?