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It's not the og avatar but I like it
I've inverted my profile picture. This is because I have all colours on my chromebook inverted, and also shits n' giggles.
Hello, fellow inverted color brethren.
Mine's reay ugly inverted.
what do yall think of my avatar by the way
its pixelated
is that it? no other thoughts?
There are pixels.
that sort of just restates what bug said
It has teeth and eyes.
thank you
happy birthday by the way acky
Thanks man.
how old are you now, buddy?
I am 14 now. We may want to move this discussion somewhere other than the Avatars thread.
why? there's no rule saying everything in a general discussion thread has to relate directly to the thread.

i remember when i was 14. man. good times. i was in 9th grade then. well, most of ninth grade and a bit of tenth grade. that's when the pandemic started. 14 is a very special age to me, actually.
9th? 10th? I'm in 8th. Did you skip a grade, or am I just old for an 8th grader?
i did skip a grade, good catch
What grade did u skip?
i skipped a grade in the middle of 5th grade
im always shocked that friday night funkin came out before you did, licky
Me to this site?
I feel very snazzy about this new iteration of my profile picture - it reflects more of what I look like, nowadays