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mine are purple
synth plugins or fx plugins?

i agree that FL has better synth plugins, but i use vital synth for almost everything anyway

honestly same (also I use a daw that doesn't come with plugins so I have to anyway lol)
What do you use?
Back when Soundtrap only let you have, like, 3 projects at one time unless you paid them.
My saxophone instructor used to have a teacher subscription where he could have up to 50 students have the paid features for free. He used it to make backtracks
What do you use?

A new, FOSS, still-in-beta project called Zrythm
Sounds interesting. Is it on GitHub?
Yeah, here's the website and here's the github
chime logo

the edm artist not the banking company


The year 750 AD.

My third history map! Chose this year because 750 is when the Abbasids take over the Caliphate, leaving the Umayyads with just Al-Andalus. But I'm showing the Umayyads because I like a big empire.

Frankia is getting bigger. Eastern Rome is trying to stabilize. The Khazars are big. The Bulgars and Slavs bother Eastern Rome some more. The Avars are diminishing. The Danes are there. Look! The Maya! And the Uyghur Khaganate. Champa. Pala. Ethiopia. Songhai. Ghana. Srivijaya Empire. The mess in India and Mesoamerica. And the Umayyad Caliphate, ready to collapse that year to the Abbasids. The Tang Dynasty, just being prosperous. Next year, the Tang and the new Abbasids are gonna duke it out at Talas.
oh i didnt update here! i just kept my old avatar but added the demisexual flag around it

i think its pretty cute lol
I just changed my avatar, now its maryland
i'm going google for gogurt


vital synth logo
it looks ok-ish i think, but i just suck at pixel art

edit: i had forgotten to add the cutouts in the purple circle

i just couldn't get the V to look right
Concave curves are tricky in pixel art
Autechre. NTS Sessions.

My Halloween avatar(reused from last year)
If y'all don't know what my avatar is from y'all are all uncultured.
oh my god i love that game
Apparently I'm uncultured
(knowing Theki I'd say OneShot)
nah its just called 140, its a rhythm platformer
Due to my DINKY LITTLE BRAIN, I cannot properly use Eric's Avatar Converter. Is there anything I'm missing?
Where are you getting stuck at?
I think I'm able to put in the string and save it, but when I go to update the canvas, nothing happens.