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I think I'm able to put in the string and save it, but when I go to update the canvas, nothing happens.

Do you put the whole string in the right line?
I think so. Line 1080 or somethin'. I don't remember.
I had the same issue when I tried it. I did exactly as the instructions said, at least I thought it did
When I get the chance I'll make a video guide for you.
oh my god i love that game

You are my new favourite user of this website.
Face was stolen. Need help finding it
its right in front of you! open your eyes

you dont have eyes
List of current suspects:
The main villain from Miitopia
Your link bwoke because it was a specific revision of the image from Fandom
I just used google images
why thank you becausewhatisthis for my new avatar
I wanna do something new with my little avatar but I'ven't inspiration :(
dye your hair green and get some tattoos

Instructions unclear, gamers rise up
Make it spooky
Not only has my face been stolen, my hand as well

He is die.
Gone! But why?
it looks 3d and really cool
That is not you. It is an apparition of you, existing to only terrify your eyes.
Why would my eyes be scared?