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aprzn123 said:
...I don't think azerty is a member of the Chapel

correct. i am an independent party who likes causing religious schisms. it's my afternoon hobby
w_licky are there color requirements for the jaxxie emblem like meowmere
thought it was time for something new
it hurts my eyes
oh. I just like the colours
ahhgh too bright
lol oops

good flag?
w_licky are there color requirements for the jaxxie emblem like meowmere


Not mine, but I found this while just browsing the uploads by changing the number in the URL
yep i made it haha

also misery as well
axolotl, from far away, ur avatar looks like a skull
i kind of see it 💀
die kitty

I need bigger avatar sizes. Specifically 48x48. Hopefully it comes with the new UI
i am running out of room to crcoss things out in my avatar
spooky google
You're half a month late for that. But sure. Also, hail JAXXIE!
hail Jaxxie
Jaxxie branches out into the ollamapians
the first ollamapian:
2 dead cats...
Calm down with the alts. How many have u got by now?

My brother once made a stops number of alts and it got my IP banned temporarily. My main just served one day but don’t go spamming alts for no reason.

Some of the were banned completely. Pluto sad wasn’t banned bc I told grayseff that it was the alt I really used. Oh Blake lifted the permanent ban on mrevilpie a long while ago so I could switch emails. And I just notify mods when I make an alt, which I’ve done once, for Duolingo . My brother is basically not active at all now.
looks like frisk from undertale
its pumkin girl (bug in real life😟)