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what 😟
i choose to believe that is tall frisk with a pumpkin head and a shirt without stripes (like, stripes stripes not stripes the user)
so scary😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

an explosion but kinda looks like a flower instead...hmm
Turkey day.
limescum said:

an explosion but kinda looks like a flower instead...hmm

nah it looks more like a flower to me
lead llama becomes gold llama and double fire llama holds the sun to provide light in the darkness
It's happening. Every store I've been to in the last week is playing holiday music. I've heard Mariah Carey's voice more times than what should be humane. I can't control my Christmas Spirit. It's time. My Christmas Cheer is consuming my spirit. I am one with Saint Nicholas.
christmas is my favourite holiday
I feel weird celebrating it in the name of Christ, but whatever, man. I'm a kid and I'm getting presents. If I'm complaining, then I'm just being a bitch. Christmas ain't half bad. If they gave presents on Halloween, I might have a different view on it.
i dont even care that much about the jesus bit being unreligious, i prefer to think about the whole generosity side of it and the not neccasarily religious message. also presents yes
I hate Christmas. The same songs on repeat every year get on my nerves. And the advertisements. Only positive is gifting my friends and family stuff and getting together with my family on Christmas day.
eh i dont mind the repeat songs personally and advertisments are always advertisments
Presents? How humorous. I don't get presents at Christmas. I don't even celebrate Christmas! The only days we celebrate are Thanksgiving, New Year, Lunar New Year, and birthdays. Independence Day has not seen fireworks for years now because we can't bother since we moved into a new house and Mother's and Father's Days have no festivities.
what do yo all think of christmas blon
It's not even December.
tomorrow is december and then i will become a christmas monster (i love christmas)
W_Licky said:
It's not even December.

hey even I don't celebrate christmas and I think it's festive time
I am preparing early
here. have an elf army DMG
present fury meowmere!!!!!!
ok i cant wait any longer
so here is last years christmas one

and this is the upgraded its basically the same but different yk
I’ll give the Duo avatar to anyone who wants to try to festivise it. Ask for either the red eyed evil or normal. I’ll send it when I take a few seconds from homework.

This doesn’t mean I’ll use it but I might if I do. I might like multiple and use multiple.
Antimony pentafluoride, a new and improved Christmas and New Year avatar.