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:D awh yay, gracias!!
New contestant for cutest frog.
Dawn beanie version?
Duolingo version? pls.
PoikiChoi said:



$4MU$, WTF?
could you do a cave bat or a zubat?
hellrog :(

I didn't know it wasn't a real carrot!
It's not a carrot, it's a pepper
I would say I am a 3/10 on gorification
It's not a carrot, it's a pepper

It’s not a pepper. It’s a persimmon.
No, it's a carrot.
It's not what you want it to be. It's what demented kermit intended it to be.
So, a carrot?
From The Image-Line Website:
The FL Studio 'Fruit' logo was designed as a cross between a Mango and a Strawberry, but coincidentally looks a bit like a Persimmon.
I was the most correct.
yes you were
Okay, mister carrot.
Leg day. Count.

Forgot shadow on the green