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At night, when we're asleep, sometimes our brains just refuse to quiet down. They create fantastical stories for our night-time pleasure, and are often much more interesting than anything we could come up with while awake. What do you dream about?
I had a dream the other night that I only got 55% on my second mechatronics assignment.
More of a nightmare, actually.
I can't exactly remember, but it wasn't pleasant(like most nights.) It should come back to me soon...
I have really disturbing nightmares a lot. Like an average dream for me goes something like this. I'll be walking in a desolate place, a forest, a swamp, a canyon, a dessert, and then everything will look shimmery, like the colours of my surroundings are reflecting in strange manners and everything will look distorted. Then sounds will become distorted until it finally sounds like white noise or a sine wave or sawtooth wave. Or I'll be walking in a desolate place and everything will be dirty. Like the other day I had a dream I was walking through a narrow canyon with skulls and smog everywhere, then I came across a gorge of dead bodies, but all the bodies in the gorge were me. Then I had the horns of a cattle skull in my throught and the rest of the dream was me watching myself die.
I dreamed that I killed myself. But I don't mean suicide. I mean homicide. There were two of me, and the one whose perspective I was looking out of during the dream stabbed the other, because that version of me was going to That sounds confusing. It seems like it should be symbolic of something, but I have a hard time believing that dreams mean much of anything.
Io, from what you've told me your dreams are really disturbing. I'd probably have trouble sleeping if I was you.

Last night I dreamed that I went on a tour through the Pixar Animation studio. They had crazy elevators that went through tubes and at one point went upside down. Also for some reason Kanye West was there too, that was weird. Despite everything that I've ever seen or heard about him, he was actually an alright guy.
I'm not 100% sure if I was dreamed this, but last night I was sleeping on my right side and my left arm kept falling asleep when I tried to move it. It felt really weird, like it would if I had not enough blood circulating to it, but I don't remember whether or not it was real.
That happens to me all the time.

Edit: Oh, it was the opposite arm to what you were sleeping on, never mind.
Last night I had a somewhat lucid dream. I was in a strange hogwarts like school thing. I knew I was dreaming. It was strange. For some reason the second floor was off limits to everyone. Even the staff. So I asked around about why it was off limits and I was told it was because it was haunted, so in my dream I made a lockpick because I wanted to get past the locks and then I was in a hall way and it was dark so I decided to just make a weird ball of light thing, then I got bored and engulfed everything in fire. And then I woke up.
I don't really have much to contribute to this thread; I don't dream.
Usually I dream pretty frequently, but lately I haven't been able to remember them very well. I don't know, maybe it's because of how little I've been sleeping.
Keep a dream book; write down exactly what you remember within five minutes of waking up, and that's how you'll get the most. After five minutes, you've lost 10% of it; by ten minutes, it's like thirty.
Yeah, I knew about that. Problem is that I've been waking up and only being able to recall small bits and pieces. That's even if I don't move and think about it right after I wake up.
Ah, if I wake up and forget my dream, for the rest of the day I'll get little flashbacks of it from things around me that trigger memories of it. Kind of freaks me out sometimes.
Ooh, kinda that deja vu sort of feeling?
Last night, I dreamt that I had gone on vacation to Hawaii. I was on one of the islands, and it was covered in a forest the natives called Bali. There was an old man who offered to lead me through the forest. After going through a great deal of underbrush, we came upon a mud pit which contained a horse and a slug/spiky/wolverine black creature thing. It had rather sharp teeth. At first glance, it appeared as though the wolverine slug was going to kill the horse, but when they were right up face to face, the wolverine slug nuzzled the horse and we realized they were actually friends. We eavesdropped on them talking about a contest which was hosted by a witch deep within the forest, and we sneakily followed them to it. When we arrived, it became apparent that it was a suicide contest. The goal was to kill yourself in the most interesting way possible within a pre-determined time limit. If you lost the contest, you were revived by the witch. If you won, you would be encased in ice and put in the hall of fame. To accomplish your death, you were given a single tool: a sword hanging from the ceiling of the witch's hut.

The first contestants were a tiger, a mouse, and a hippo. The tiger had five minutes to kill himself, the mouse had ten, and the hippo had thirty seconds (because it slept so much the witch made a joke he acted dead already, and therefore would need less time to make it all the way to death). The tiger turned himself into a paper airplane and cut himself in half on the sword. I don't quite remember what the hippo did, but I think he just forfeited by falling asleep. The mouse turned into an origami fish which flopped into the sword and was cut before suffocating because it was on land instead of water. Out of these contestants, the mouse won! So, after his initial death, the witch revived him for thirty seconds so that he might be informed of his victory. He was understandably very proud. Then, he was encased in ice and moved to the hall of fame.
The weirdest one I have had in recent times was something to do with the end of time. Like, armageddon, for some reason I was sleeping in my car (I was at the time sleeping in my car) And I had to fight my way to my best friend on a liquor run at a supermarket, and my air rifle was a real rifle, and I had my good hunting knife (which is NEVER on me unless I'm actually guaranteed to use it). And it felt bizarre, I thought it was real for the longest time despite it being so strange, right up till the moment I was trying to escape the supermarket, (the obvious place that Cthulhu, the devil, whoever you believe will instigate the end of the world would carry out said instigation). I got into my car, and clearly getting home was the safest option, (If you can make it home the scary monsters disappear am I right?) But some indian dude who worked in a fruit shop tried to stop me, he was holding down the brake and I was kicking him away, and I had to punch him, but for some reason (as always in my dreams) My arms travel at about half their normal speed and feel like lead when I attempt to punch, and it did no damage to him. So my car was reversing in drive and I was right back in the supermarket car park when I found the only surefire way to save us from the big scary daemon's wrath, the detonator to a nuke. AND HERE is where it felt real (believe it or not). I had to make peace with myself, Imagine what goes through your mind when you have about a minute to make peace with the world before you blow yourself up, imagine what you imagine, think of, imagine imagining the sensation of blowing yourself up, but I pressed the button. And it failed, The old indian man had de-activated the nuke, and I actually felt the genuine emotions of fear, defeat and disappointment as Cthulhu's head rose up in the distance. And then I woke up...
I remember a while ago, I had a dream where I was in a lift(elevator) and for some reason it stopped, a robot got on, I tried to hide behind something but it didn't really work. So then the robot shot me. I think I died or something, then I 'woke up' in the dream and I was in a laboratory of sorts, strapped to a table. I'm not too sure what happened after that though. I think then I somehow got back in the lift and managed to escape these damn scary robots. And what's just lovely is that the following day I got in a lift at a shopping centre and the thing sounded like it was going to break and we'd all crash down to our dooms and so, I'm now scared of lifts.

In another dream I once had, I got shot by a dalek with his little laser thing, but I could have sworn I actually felt it in my back, I woke up straight after it with a spot on my back stinging, it was weird...

I seem to get shot a lot in my dreams.
My dreams are usually pleasant. I have one dream that I dream about once a month. I always know that it's a dream when I'm having it so I can just do what ever I want in it.
I dreamt that I got into a fight with my dad the other night. I was at a party, and we were in the basement. I was packing to go somewhere, and he came downstairs angry because I hadn't hugged him or some such nonsense. Then he screamed "I guess I'm not good enough, even though you've f***ed your way through this whole monkey barrel!" (all of my friends were there). And I shot him in the face. It was bloody and gory and graphic and awful.
Then I got into my car, drove away, and wrecked. It was also bloody, gory, graphic, and awful.
I'm sorry :( I'm sure that wasn't fun -__-
I had a dream that when I got to school one morning, I went under the tree that my groups and I stand under (I call it the loser tree), and I saw my friend Jay, who's a complete and total nerd. His face was all red and blushing and blotchy. We were having standardised test that day, so me and him went inside and we went in this room full of computers, and he just randomly picked me up and lifted me over his head. Much like you see the guy do in Dirty Dancing. He did that about 5 times, and then I saw a teacher, and I thought she was going to yell at us for PDA (Personal Display of Affection) even though there was no PDA present. We're just friends. And then it ended.

But there was one dream that I had when I was very young that has always stuck with me. I was little, and we lived in this mansion. A fire started, and I somehow got out, but I didn't see my parents anywhere. So I ran to the car and jumped in the passenger seat, until I realised that it was on fire, too. I looked in the back seat, and saw Piglet and Tigger off of Pooh Bear, and everything back there was on fire, except for Piglet and me.
When I was little, I had what my family calls "The Bone Dream". Almost everyone in my family has had a dream like this, just a different version from mine and we all dreamed that dream several times until we were about 10. Anyway, when I was little I had this dream that my mother and I were going to the museum (at this time in my life I had never been to a museum). When we got there, mom paid for the tickets and I went upstairs to get some gum out of the gumball machine. On the way to the gumball machine, I passed a skeleton which came alive as soon as I turned my back. Then it started chasing me and I ran outside and jumped in our car and mom started driving away. Then the skeleton jumped right through the back of the car and got me and that is when I usually woke up. Sometimes it would be longer and sometimes it would be shorter but you get the jist of it.
The strangest thing about this dream is that all of my family has had their own version of this dream and it is not something that you just forget and it goes away. Could this mean something?
I don't know but I dream about being happy and away from the life that I am living right now.
Dinosaurs, Machine Guns, Women, Superheroes, Yeah the good life
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