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Last night a dreamed vaguely about Robin Hood(Jonas Armstrong, exactly, use my avatar as a visual reference)

It didn't really make a whole lot of sense and I can't really remember what happened in it, but it was good at the time.
I just woke up from a dream where there was a strain of the Spanish Influenza Virus that 90% of the population of the world caught. I was tossing and turning in my sleep. For some reason, Barack Obama was responsible for it...?

I'm also sick.
Last night, I dreamed I was on an operating table, numbed up, unable to move. The person looking down on me had decayed, but I still recognized him. I was the reason he died. "Scalpel?" he whispered, picking it up.

He slowly cut my heart out and then stared at it for a second and whispered "This is the reason I'm dead."
Two nights ago, I dreamed that I was outside my middle school, when a passenger plane crash-landed in a river behind it. I was on the bank, trying to get through to 911, but it just kept ringing and ringing. I'm not a very good swimmer, so I couldn't swim out to help the people. A lot of them made it to shore, but some of them were eaten by sharks. People around me were celebrating that they'd made it out alive, but I sat there crying for the people who didn't. I felt so useless.
Last night I dreamed I was in a village in a desert. I kept phasing in an out of consciousness in this dream. I was searching for another, desperately wanting shelter, I reached the center of the village and I saw bodies everywhere. THen I closed my eyes and found a bloody knife in my hand and I was covered in their blood.
I sometimes have really weird dreams.
Like last night, I dreamed I was camping in like a big shed thing with some younger people I know, and we were all chatting. Then Someone yelled "Quick, run, it's the-" But I didn't hear them. Then everyone panicked and there was a quiet buzz, and something like mosquitoes but a lot smaller flew in and everyone was screaming. I ran out and watched everyone going crazy in the camp site. I started screaming, I don't know why. Then I was just paralyzed on the grass. Then I woke.

But then I have a reoccurring dream, happening 2-3 times a week.

I usually am enjoying myself, like with my best friend or eating. Then out of no where a huge spider will be on a a web right next to my face (I am terrified of them >.<) and I wake up screaming and panting amd kicking.
I had a dream that I was running around with Captain Bluetooth and some other TwoCanners and we vandalized Antagonist's house. Hydrogen got onto us for creating graffiti with incorrect grammar. Weird dream.
Wait, that didn't happen? I could of sworn...
That made me laugh, Burrito. Though, I would expected Ant to vaporize you somehow.
I swear to god, if people don't stop vandalising my property, I am going to kill them.
Argh! I had another scary lift(elevator) dream last night. Forever I am scarred.
I've had a couple TwoCanner dreams.

One started off with me skipping along, down a flight of broad concrete steps with Antagonist. She was talking about me going to her house. I was like: "Won't that give away your identity?" She was like: "It's okay, I covered up all the pictures in the house." Next thing I knew she was a cop shouting something into a radio. after that the dream got pretty horrible. So I like to think that they were two different dreams.
I swear to god, if people don't stop vandalising my property, I am going to kill them.

I hope that doesn't count me drinking the rest of the milk...
Last night I dreamed that I was pulled into a magical lady's house and was forced to cook for her. She was so hungry that I wasn't able to feed her fast enough and she kept asking me to make these complicated dishes that I had never made before. As I was trying to make the food for her my kitchen kept getting dirtier and dirtier and this rabbit kept laughing at me. It was weird and frustrating.
That dream became really hilarious in the last part.
... I wish there were laughing rabbits in my dreams. That sounds fucking awesome.
X_X That's not the dream I was referring too! the, -er, rabbit dream was actually pleasant.

EDIT! Never mind! Disregard that! I got confused. I was thinking of something completely different! Why do I do this to myself? DX
The worst dream I had I already mentioned in the creepy story thread. Ctrl-v time!

Here's mine: You're in Nevada. In an endless desert. In an endless used car sales lot. With a priest and a trucker. The sun will not let up. You three stand next to an 18-wheeler for 16 hours. Saying nothing. Doing nothing. And then, sometime within the 17th hour, velociraptors attack. And you don't react. You are torn to shreds and you don't even care.
And then you wake up.
The end!
I never remember my dreams...
I dreamed last night that the guy who raped me slammed me into a wall, choking me. My best friend walked around the corner, saw what was happening and flipped. The guy stabbed him in the throat and his blood sprayed all over me. I could taste it. The guy twisted my arm and I heard the snaps, felt the break and everything seemed to spin suddenly and quickly.

I could feel his nails digging into my throat and he whispered that he should have killed me when he had the chance.

In the background, someone I used to care about was standing there watching and I could feel Jeffie's blood pulsing warmly against me.
That's horrible, Never.
It is, aye.

Last night's was just another mirror dream--

I was standing in a mirror, trying to scream, but couldn't move under my own control. I was slowly slicing off my face, unable to stop.
Last night I dreamed I was laying in the middle of a surgical room. I'm not sure if I was able to move, or just didn't. I was in the center of the room in an octagonal pool thing submerged in a blue liquid, except for my head. There were eight people surrounding me, discussing what they were going to do to me if they placed the highest bid. A short man, in a white lab coat, with an over-sized head and bulging eyes. Proclaimed that I would be the mother of eternal youth! Something about removing my brain and placing it inside of a robotic body. Another man, with slicked back hair, and a silk business suit said that he was going to auction off my virginity, as usual, then throw me in a local brothel with the rest. Another man, an old man, with weathered hands and kind eyes rambled on about that his sickly son needing a wife. I remember thinking to myself, that maybe being a wife wouldn't be so bad.
All during the proceedings I had an audience. All of them high class, dressed in designer ball gowns and long white gloves. Whispering demurely behind lace crusted fans. Fluttering eyelashes at their gentleman suitors, and proclaiming that these meetings are, after all, the most fashionable meetings to attend. I wasn't scared, I was accepting of my situation. It was a strange dream.
Nightmares, as per always, every night this week except last.
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