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I very rarely have dreams that make me extremely upset.
Mine usually involve abandonment, which is a very, very real fear of mine. Upset is usually an understatement.
I have scary dreams, quite constantly really, but I just pay no attention to them. They make very little sense when thought about in the light of day, it's impossible for anything like that to actually happen to me. For example, I've had a dream where my brother was a mass murderer, it was really feral, there were blood and guts and severed body parts everywhere. That was very scary at the time, but it just seems stupid when I think of it now, it is most likely never to ever happen at all.
Those posts make me slightly appreciative that i don't.
It was Christmas, and I got a Nick Zinner CD, with a collaboration on it with Jungle Fiction. But Nick Zinner has never released a CD, as awesome as that collaboration would be. I woke up, realised it was a dream and was very sad.
Last night I had a dream that I was a black man and for some reason me and a friend ( another black man) were running from some kind of fascist state police that were intent on killing us. It was a crazy chase and eventually i ended up in a very 50's esque town. I enrolled in the high-school there and i was doing well in my classes, then i went to the bathroom and 3 guys jumped me and beat me and then took me to the principals office and accused me of trying to assault them. the principal took out a gun and said "God i knew we shouldn't have let Fa**ots in my school" and then he shot me and I woke up.

serious wtf dream.
I dreamed of the little girl again.

She was crying, whimpering. I knew there was something coming for her and was scared. I felt fiercely protective of her, like normally. I don't know if she was *my* little girl or just someone I needed to protect. I just needed to get to her, to keep her safe.

After that, it's pretty much tl;dr. I didn't get there in time to save her. The child was in my arms and the monster took us both.
I dreamed that I was at a hotel with Dustin. It was night time and we were sitting out by the pool. It was calm and a light balmy breeze was blowing. There were decorative colorful lights strung all over the place. They created pretty patterns on the plush red couch we were sitting on. (I know it makes no sense). He reached over and gentlly grabbed my hand, gave me a little smile and just watched water catch the light as it rippled in the breeze. It was nice, I felt that excited nervous feeling you get on your first date.
To be honest, I really don't remember most of my dreams.

Last dream I remember though, I was in a circle of people and they were all laughing at me, and I was really embarrassed, for some reason. I don't know why.
I sometimes have really weird dreams. Like in one, I was wearing some kind of shaded glasses to bed. Then I got out of bed to get a drink of water-this was all in the dream-and my dad had really sharp teeth. Then he said something like,"Hey West, we got a prisoner." Then I woke up.

Another dream is where some aliens invade earth, and that I have 12 hours to live.

Crazy, right?
Recently I dreamt a series of dreams, all of them involving the same guy. In the first dream we were sitting on a bench at a Marillion concert. We were hugging and his arms around me felt so real. I had closed my eyes enjoying the music. He thought I was sleeping and he said "I love you". He didn't want me to know.
In the next dream we were in the grocery store and he had bought my favourite something and I said jokingly "Ooh, those are my favourites. I love you". I said it jokingly because I didn't want him to know I really felt that way. He replied with "Whatever, I'd rather have tons of money."
In the last dream we were at a party and he was carrying me on his back. He was running around the place with me on his back. Again, having my arms around him when he carried me felt very real. Then I said to him "Maybe you should put me down, so I don't break your back.", because I was afraid that I would break his back. But he got really offended, he took it as though I was dumping him, but I was hoping that I could continue to hug him. So he ran away and I ran to try and find him, but I couldn't find him to clear up this misunderstanding.
I dreamed that I was moving into this beautiful three bedroom house. In a neighborhood full of all the people I've known in my life. In my dream I was unpacking things and trying to straighten up. Timothy asked me to go over to my grandmothers house. Me wanting to get things done, agreed. After all, she only lived five minutes away. As he was leaving, I reminded him to grab his coat and gloves and gave him a little kiss on his forehead.
Upon leaving, of course, left the door open. Normally I'd have fussed at him but today I didn't mind so much. The bright light from the sun poured into the room illuminating everything in a way that artificial light cant. The sounds of summer and children's laughter filtering in gave me a sense of happiness and peace. With Timothy at my grandmother's I was able to crack down on things. I was actually getting things done twice as fast until a friend of mine came over. I won't lie it irritated me a little. I had so much to do! I was trying to think of a way to get rid of her when she asked, "Where's Timothy?" To Which I replied, "His grandmothers." After a moment or two I started doubting myself and feeling like I was missing something. Maybe I had just imagined telling Timothy he could go to his grandmother's and he was asleep in his new room. I checked, but he wasn't there. I tried to go over the details in my mind but they were fuzzy and muddled. I cursed myself for not being sure about something so important. I tried if only for a moment to convince myself that Timothy was at my grandmothers. Then When I could stand it no longer, I grabbed my coat and gloves and stepped out into the summer dusk. I felt an urgency, panic ebbing at me, so I ran. I ran through the neighbor's yard, my coat slung over my shoulder. Past the small meadow and into the woods. It didn't take long to make it to the marker that declared I was in my Grandmother's part of the neighborhood. I dawned my coat and gloves and moved forward. I tried to run, but the snow piling up on the outer edge of my glasses blinded me, causing me to slip repeatedly on the ice. Finally, I gave in to the snow storm and set a slow, steady pace. I remember thinking to myself that I was dumb to let Timothy come out in this and hoping that it hadn't been as bad three hours ago. Finally, after a few minutes, I reached the evergreen crowded hill, where my Grandmother's cottage sat. Bundling my coat against me, preparing for the worst, I made my way up the hill. Grabbing onto to the thick branches for support when I felt like I was going to fall. Then it came into view, the warm, welcoming cottage, almost a beacon of relief. The soft yellow light pouring out from the front windows and the silhouettes of Timothy and Breezy dancing around in the living room. In that moment I was so happy. I felt blessed and loved and secure. My worries were over. As I approached the cottage Timothy opened the door and rushed out to me. Babbling about all the things he had done and the apple pie that he had helped my grandmother make. Stomping the compacted snow from my boot and shaking the flakes from my hair, I asked my Grandmother, "Is it always like this here?"
"Yes, but it's what I like."
To which I replied,"Maybe, you should have chosen a safer neighborhood, like Autumn. Mom loves it there, and they're no snow storms in Autumn."
"Amber Honey, I told you, I like snow storms."
I have the most profoundy uninteresting dreams. Today, I dreamt I was on a field trip to New York with my Literature class, but everyone had left and I was trying to find my way home. I can't remember if there was anything before, but most of the dream was just me walking confusedly in the city or sitting in a bus.
I dreamed that I could turn into a giant superhero for a short amount of time (attack of the 50ft woman style), and after defeating a certain enemy, I came back to find my now giant cat terrorizing the streets. I was small again at this point, so I hugged his foot and he went back to normal. Then we fought a giant robot together.

Earlier in the dream, I went with my brother to help one of his professors fill out paperwork at Wegman's, since he'd been recently married.

And yet earlier, I was on a walk with (who I assume was) my boyfriend, and we got to this river that we wanted to cross. He said he could swim it, but I'm not a very strong swimmer, so he hacked together this sort of motorized raft made of two doors, a lawnmower motor, the rusted front end of a 30's pickup, and some plywood. The thing was, he built it on the second story of this house, so when we set off, we had a fifteen foot drop or so to the water. Halfway down I realized that since the raft was so buoyant, it'd be like just landing on pavement, so I woke up. (But then I went back to sleep and had those other dreams.)

Actually... now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure that <random boyfriend> was a stand-in for a friend that I would probably date, if he was into me. Same build, strong swimmer, likes building things. Now I'm gonna be thinking about *that* all day. >_>
Last night a bird entered my dream and woke me up just in time for an important appointment I had forgotten all about.
O.O Wow, that's either some good timing on your subconsciousness' part, or you're very, very lucky.
Well ages ago, when I was younger, there was a voice in my head that told me to do bad things. I had therapy to stop it, and it worked for a while I guess. But 2 weeks ago I had a dream that I was just nowhere, floating in white space, if that makes sense. And that voice from so many years ago started screaming loudly at me 'why did you do that' and my head started hurting. I didnt know what she was talking about, and she started yelling 'you tried to kill me! Why!?' and my whole body started stinging all over. For some reason I couldnt speak, no matter how hard I tried. She screamed 'why?' louder than ever and it made me cry in pain.
Then, when I woke up I swear on my life that I heard screams coming from my sisters room, so I leaped out of bed to see what was wrong and they were fast asleep.
The other night I had a dream where I was trying to attempt the Guiness World Record forthis...

I'm still not sure why.

Last night I had a dream about Doctor Who. I don't really remember it now though. It was weird...
The comment for that cracked me up.
I had a dream where vampire chicks wanted to have sex with me until I found out they were just luring me in so they could suck my body dry of blood.
I just had the weirdest dream that I won tickets to see lady gaga, and my friend aaron (the biggest gaga freak in the entire universe) was hunting me down for them. 0.o
I have so many crazy dreams. I will just use last nights as an example. It was like that new movie the princess and the frog. Only my best friend was the frog. And in this dream we go on a glorified quest to find the magic penny. And we fall of like 3 water falls (one of them started in a convenience store....) and then I get kidnapped by the spirit bunny and his shadow craetures. And so then it turns out the spirit bunny is good. So he hives me the magic penny. Woopdeedo!! So I go back to Caleb (my best friend) and say: hey guess what? The magic penny has been in your pants the whole time! (which I actually remember from a different dream. Tell you later.) and so we get married on top of a water fall delta and after the kiss he pushes me off and yells: sucka!!! So I use my magic fire hose and wrap it around his leg and he falls down the water fall. Then we resurface and he had somehow transformed into Darth Vader while I was Aphrodite from Greek mythology. It was so strange because when it was all over we were both hobbits living in northern mirkwood. Another weird thing was that he had been cheating on me and that was the reason I got glasses. And another thing was at the convenience store waterfall a random store clerk fell in the water fall that ended in a 30 foot deep swimming pool drowned and all that was left of her was a red hair bow.
I have a recurring dream involving me collecting flowers in a park and a rocket failing to take off. Always makes me very sad. I don't know why I have it.
I had a dream that it was the Fourth of July, and I was driving my brother's new car. If I looked towards the end of the road, I could see these huge fireworks going off. As I watched them, I crashed into a black SUV that was parked horizontally in the middle of the street. I was having an out-of-body experience, so I was watching myself bleed and my brother as he came out, looked at what I had done, and just walked off towards the fireworks. Then, I woke up and was just really freaked out.
Last night I dreamed that I got stabbed through the stomach by a massive spear, thicker than my arm and it went all the way through my and out the other side. The girl who stabbed me then pulled it out and ran away, I then got up and somehow walk outside and magically ended up at a concert where I started looking for my friends to help, because I was still clutching the wound and somehow, wasn't dead. I can't really remember what happened after that.

What was funny though, when I woke up, I had my hand in the place where I had been stabbed, though thankfully, it wasn't one of those dreams where I actually feel pain. They're kind of scary, when this one was sort of cool.
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