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Update: Saw a picture of the dude and he seems to be somewhat older and significantly less attractive than I am.
Y'all imma just throw out these weird, possibly symbolic dreams I've had over the past few years. Still have no idea what they mean.

Vomiting teeth. Not LOSING teeth. I've had those too, but vomiting teeth.

Had a dream that I was holding a beautiful, antique mirror. I was so fascinated with the mirror that I didn't notice my reflection wasn't in it, until I had been staring into the mirror for what felt like hours. Once I realized I immediately felt horrified and disgusted and woke up.

Had a baby out of the blue. I had to leave, but I didn't trust my then-boyfriend to take care of it. Finally the pressure of HAVING to be at this thing (don't even know what the thing was) left me crying and I ran out of the house. When I came back I was panicked because the baby hadn't been taken care of. In the middle of yelling at my then-boyfriend, I looked down and the baby was a puppy. Everything was cool.

Was elbow deep in my belly button, looking for something in my guts. Finally pulled out a ring.


Dreams is freaky y'all. Do local psychics interpret dreams or nah?
PhreakIck said:
In the middle of yelling at my then-boyfriend, I looked down and the baby was a puppy. Everything was cool.

Dream logic is the best.
Dream me is so smart.

More dreams. Kind of a drifting off thought that turned into a real dream. Gross, just so you know.

Everyone was in 50s style clothing. I presented dinner to my husband and it was a FUCKING COOKED BABY? Like a little roasted pig, served on a platter with garnishes and everything. Other parts of the dream involved me butchering babies, which was apparently normal for people to do. Pop out babies just to eat them.

This definitely spawned from some comedian's bit. He talked about tiger sharks and how they're ALWAYS pregnant because they're mortality rate is so high. BECAUSE THEY'LL EAT THEY'RE BABIES AS THEY COME OUT (From the bit: "oh! I'm a snack machine now. Snack snack snack snack"). Thanks tiger sharks, ya done fucked up my head.
Part of my dream was about Parks and Rec. Leslie needed huge storage containers for her freezer, but she went to a hardware store. She found a 9-gallon pot, but no containers that size... so naturally, the thing to do would be to use the pot as a mold to create the container. The supervisor told her it wouldn't work, but after she touched something they couldn't resell it, so her response was to come by every few minutes, ask if it would work, them put the pot on the floor.

Ron Swanson also worked there. He sat there laughing.
The funny thing is, I could actually see a slight variation of that being an episode.
Just woke up from one of the more complete dreams I ever remember having. Most of it is already slipping away. At the end though I remember telling the main antagonist off passionately. Then I was so welled up with emotions while everyone came back at the end to celebrate.
The setting seemed like a large campsite, and most of the conflict was the middle aged people getting mad at younger people for messing around while they try to sleep. The antagonist guy ended up doing some sexual harassment for some reason or another, so it wasn't hard to jump on him. Weird dream, but complete dream.
Edit: I also remember this love interest girl was there at one point that faded off, she did manage to take her bra off under her shirt in that time. Also my youngest brother was using a camper with his friend that was the same size as, and functioned a lot like a clown car.
I got to be Jackie Chan and do parkour. I had to save some girl from her evil, rich father. It was the best dream I've ever had.
I got to be Jackie Chan and do parkour. I had to save some girl from her evil, rich father. It was the best dream I've ever had.

wait are u jia
Welcome to the forum A&C. Dibs on your soul.
A&C said:

wait are u jia

A jia?
I just had a dream where I accidentally set my shako on fire. (These are shakos). Terrifying.
Frosty, you go to u of m? I've heard it's a good school but really cliquish.
Are you implying their marching band has to use a clique track?
I do go to U of M. It is a good school. It's also a really big school. There is no possible way for you to avoid cliques forming. But it's not like cliques like 'Oh, you're a band geek, you can't sit with us', just people having friend groups centered around student organizations/fraternities/whatever. People are generally very friendly.
Themes are generally conflict, buildings, homes, rapid environmental changes, water, flying, and laughing. Non are negative dreams other than three.
Had one of the worst/most traumatic dreams I've ever had. Somehow I figured out that I could save and reload life like it was a video game, so to test it out I found a tiny white kitten, killed it with my bare hands, then 'reloaded' life and it was fine. I spent the rest of the dream being horrified with myself and wondering why I didn't just tear up a flower or something instead of torturing an innocent animal.

I feel like throwing up every time I think about it. :(
I was delivering breakfast to students on the free breakfast program, but it wasn't those little containers of cereal and a carton of milk. It was a variety of foods, some breakfast-y, some not, but the students had to make it themselves. I just brought them the ingredients and maybe instructions.

I distinctly remember delivering a bun with ketchup and mustard, slices of onion, various spices, and a bunch of ground beef in a glass mixing bowl to this guy in a computer lab so that he could make burgers. He didn't have a stove or anything there. Just chilling in the computer lab, mixing this big bowl of ground beef.
So. I busted a band director for doing something scummy, he came back and shot me 5 times in an alley, I blocked each shot with my limbs, then I inceptioned myself out of it, and ended up dancing at a rehab clinic even though I wasn't injured.
Was it me?
Lol I was thinking about editing this in. No I believe he was inspired by a high school teacher we had for a little bit named Mr. Rose.
I had a dream once that I was dying, and I actually died in my dream, and I (my dead spirit) flew up and looked at my body and the rest of the world. I actually have a fear of dying, so I'm pretty sure I was crying my eyes out while I was awaiting my death. I don't even remember what caused me to die in the dream, I just somehow knew that it was time. It was probably one of the scariest dreams I have ever had.
I also had a dream that took place many nights before I was about to start high school. In the dream, I woke up late for (high) school, and I just strolled downstairs like there was nothing to worry about. My parents were in the study, and when I walked in, my mom asked me in a non-concerned voice if I was planning on going to school. When I said "No", she just replied with "Okay", and continued with what she was doing. I find this dream extremely funny and contradictory because my parents almost never let me skip school unless I am really sick or we are on vacation, (or a dentist/doctor's appointment).
ecr674 said:
So. I busted a band director for doing something scummy, he came back and shot me 5 times in an alley, I blocked each shot with my limbs, then I inceptioned myself out of it, and ended up dancing at a rehab clinic even though I wasn't injured.
I was really worried until I realized this was the dreams thread.
I fell asleep at my boyfriend's house and had one of my most vivid dreams.
I was lucid, in a city atop mountains with people socializing and walking about. I forcefully grabbed a passerby and shouted over and over "I will control my dream I will control my dream!" and then she snapped and started brawling with her group of friends. It was becoming very violent so I reversed time. Their injuries disappeared and it was as if nothing had happened. I gotbored with the scenery so I changed the city's location to a beach, i blink and everyone is enjoying a massive beach party. I decide to add decorations of tree-like mushrooms. It was beautiful. There was not one care in the world.
I enter a house, its cozy, fully furnished if a little too furnished. I rest on a bed when i notice a very attractive man walk by and make them come into my room. Then it hit me i can have any man come into my room. I think of Marc and try to visualize him with all the energy i have. I couldn't do it. A little sad i get up to leave but guess who's at the doorway. I am speechless. He's as beautiful as ever and we get into bed. Hes so gentle and is ready for us to make love but i don't want to rush. I kiss him, slowly, feeling his energy all around me. I can't control it. I tell him i love him and he says with a smile "why do you think I'm here too" and i know he means he loves me too. The happiness i felt was extraordinary. But he suddenly disappears. I search around forwhat felt like 4 days. Growing more and more desperate and miserable. It felt like someone had torn all the love out of my chest. I flew around aimlessly asking everyone isaw if they had seen him. I was walking in circles. I returned to the house where we met. I was in tears, i had no more will to keep searching. I collapsed on the floor defeated. And then i woke up. And it's weird because dreams are dreams and you can't bring dreams into the real world but this dream brought me passionate love and one of the worst feelings I've ever felt into the real world.

My boyfriend sensed it and asked me what's wrong. I told him "nothings wrong, Manny, just tired."
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