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I dreamt that I was helping a rancher to catch bulls why? by running around as a decoy, like a circus clown. I realized after I was in the corral with a large animal pissed off at me that I didn't know how to evade a charge.
I've been watching a resident evil 2 playthrough and I had a dream similar to it last night.
I was running around this fairly nice house/apartment trying to gather tools and supplies. But there was this.. thing following me around with six, super long limbs that would crush my body and slice me in half anytime I got near it. It walked like a spider or a gorilla and it's torso was human-like with a small ish head and long chest. It didn't make hardly any noise except, on the tile flooring, it's hands made a fast clicking noise anytime it was near me. The torso's skin was dark, dark green, almost black, and peeling. Underneath the peeling top layer of skin was a tougher, lighter green skin layer. I didn't have anything I needed to kill the thing so I just avoided it the whole time I was collecting stuff.
Eventually, I left the place, though I died once trying to get away, and the dream ended with me crossing some bridge that lead to an island with a huge lab almost the size of the island.
Ooo boy I just had a weird one. It was a an abandoned hockey stadium where Serengeti animals and seals were running loose. As for characters there was me, a vague friend character, a hockey themed serial killer who was actually kinda chill, and some creepy looking dude I'll call Ron. After some initial shenanigans involving trying to get back to my car avoiding a tiger, I was observing the seals and they were dying because there were no fish around. Then I met up with friend character and we hit the serial killer with a hockey stick. Then Ron showed up and suggested we all play a game. It involved swinging strange tools at eachothers' heads that kinda looked like those old rug beaters, but you could change the head shape at will with diamond being the best. The challenge was that they were so thin it was difficult to gain any momentum. I ended up getting a pretty good hit on Ron by using the narrow side, but when the serial killer hit me, I didn't feel a thing. Then I woke up.

Edit: I also walked by some giraffes at the beginning.
I was at a beach and I kept digging up these horseshoe crab motherfuckers and they kept rolling up into balls and I did that for like, probably 30 minutes real time, and then a big ass wave came and swallowed me and I was out in the ocean for like another 30 minutes and I was talking to my sister’s friend doing his PhD in marine science and then I was at this church I went to was younger and me and my family were going to a restaurant after only I forgot my shoes so I had to wear my little sister’s shoes and there were eyeballs in the soup and I kept seeing these Asians with happy faces eating the eyeballs.

Then I watched a couple Winnie the Pooh movies in my head and then I started dreaming these crazy ass anime demon lookin demon dudes and like I had a friend with me and we had to go set some shit inside a little altar and this dude (who I never knew in real life) started turning into a gold bar and was freakin out cause he was dying and then I started holding onto the dude while he was dying and then I started hearing this intense ass piano song that I know and I started singing along with it while I was crying over the dude it goes “At the end of the evening / when the sun is going down / And all the wee songbirds / are making their last sound / It is then that I am thinking of you / I close my eyes and see / I long for the moment when you’ll return to me / I am thinking of you darling / In the morning, noon, and night / but especially in the evening / When nature seems so bright”

And then at another point I was with some old ass lady who owned a shitload of property and we found a guy hung from her bridge on a noose and I spent like 10 minutes looking through different telescopes trying to make sure what it was and then the biohazard dudes came out with a body bag and just ripped the body off and left the head attached to the noose and then the head fell off and became all glassy and then I took the head back to this village and the head started talking and then the villagers took the head from me and it took the spot of the lord of that region and then it demanded to be hung up on the wall and it was like the size of a baby and then it spent a good like 20 minutes making me get children for it to eat until finally it ate the lord’s oldest son and then I stabbed the thing in the face and like, I’m leaving out dialogue. Yes, there was dialogue.

I woke up a little bit after the King Midas shit and there were a lot of tears all over my face and I also woke up a little after the horseshoe crab shit and shouted “Yeah?!” because I thought I heard someone shout my name.

Most exhausting sleep I ever got.
Had a weird nightmare the other night where a bunch of the stage techs in my theatre company had turned to zombies. They retained sentience and basically tried to kill us by dropping electrics and blacking out the stage in the middle of the show. They were also really snarky and condescending.

So basically, the techs became slightly more murderous than they already were.
Wow can't believe this was on the third page. Nobody having dreams?

I had a dream about going outside and finding a really big turtle, turns out it was just a yu-gi-oh card. Don't mess with me like that subconscious.
I had one the other day where I picked up this snake that kept biting me and for some reason the snake said “ Bit of advice”
I have never remembered my dreams.
I had one the other day where I picked up this snake that kept biting me and for some reason the snake said “ Bit of advice”

I love and hate that pun so much at the same time.
I've had a conga line of nightmares the past few nights and I want it to end soon, thank you very much.
First you need to dream seven skinny flamingos and then seven fat flamingos. That way you know you'll be getting seven nights of dreamless sleep followed by seven nights of fun dreams. If you dream flamingos that are actually vultures you're probably in for more nightmares.

But yeah, I had a dream last night about a bunch of teens and they all had this one weird thing that kept happening to them over and over again. This one girl that had it worst kept catching on fire. Like... Spontaneous human combustion. She didn't even need to be anywhere near a fire to catch on fire. Anyway, the twist in the dream was that they were all dead. So fire-girl had died in a fire and so on. (I've quite forgotten the other teens' deals, so I can't really say how they died.)
ecr674 said:
I had one the other day where I picked up this snake that kept biting me and for some reason the snake said “ Bit of advice”

I love and hate that pun so much at the same time.
I was so confused when I heard him say it. Like he bit me, I threw him on the ground, then he gets up and stands all cobra style like it was nothing and says “bit of advice” and slinked away. I straight up remember saying “What the fuck?”

Last night I dreamed I was babysitting. Nothing more to it. I haven’t babysat anyone since I was a teenager. At least those people had an Xbox. God, that made the whole job easier. I basically just had to watch a couch these kids (who I think might not have been human) were sitting on.

DIAV said:
I have never remembered my dreams.

Seriously? Like not even a falling down a pit style dream you have memory of?
My house was on fire but I couldn't find any outside doors. Pretty sure I remember some windows but every time I went through a door it was just another burning room.
The only thing I could remember about last night's dream is about me going out in the town with some really nice high top sneakers.

Upon reflection, the conclusive description of what my dream fit looked like is a gaudy, metallic red-gold something something.
I had a nightmare last night that I screwed up my avatar and saved it, ruining all my work. That was the entire dream.
I think I had my first dream about TC&S a while ago.
A basic summary of it was me looking up accounts with not a username but a question ID through the new messaging interface. Which, of course, you can't do on the website. As of now, at least.
I remember having a dream with a really interesting plot last night. That is, until I was awoken by by a loud bang of a picture falling off the bedroom wall. Scared me right awake at 04:43 and erased all memory of the dream.
I dreamt that Carly Rae Jepsen was performing Macbeth through song and dance in a castle. It ruled.

I'm currently teaching Macbeth so there's a little bit of sense there
I dreamt that I was on a train, but there were some mysterious things (murderous?) going on. A man (possibly Nathan Fillion?) was maybe dead, so he was put in a body bag (which really was just a giant zip-lock bag). But on account of him just being maybe dead, they didn't zip the bag, but left it open.

Next thing I remember, I'm outside, near what appears to be an old station house and the train isn't moving. An old classmate tells me that the arsonist is on the train and they're finding him now. People start lining up to see the arsonist brought out of the train. And in the dream I had a very vivid memory of this arsonist coming to the school I went to 7-9th grade in, terrorising and burning kids with a flamethrower.

The arsonist comes out of the train held between two police officers, but he stops and let's out a little flame of some sort? And on seeing that I just panic, stop drop and roll down the hill I'm standing on. People scoff at me, but turns out I was wise in doing that because after that first flame, he kind of shoots up a small firework? It doesn't go high up, but it has that crackling effect. Except the crackling was bullets, so a bunch of bystanders just die. And I'm there on the ground just wondering how the police did not search his ass and neutralise him better.
I dreamt I was part of a murder mystery as both the murderer and the murderees, but they were all different people. And we were on a plateau with a middle school class.
for about a month my ex girlfriend kept briefly showing up in my dreams wearing a USPS uniform and handing me a letter and then immediately disappearing-- never opened the letter, for some reason i never even wondered what it might have said
You usually can't read in dreams. It's one of the things you can use to check if you're dreaming or not. So the letter was probably just a bunch of grayish blobs.
God I just had an odd one, and the first one in a long while. I own two snakes IRL right? So in my dream I had like five enclosures, but was only aware of the two real noodles I had. So I go to check through the tanks and I find out instead of one sand boa, it had spontaneously grown and bred into a couple dozen, all anery. So I start looking for a way to put them in a better tank or something. Next thing was a white ball python with yellow stripes in a tall tupper ware with just bedding in it. It's face looked bloodshot somehow. In another enclosure there were several toads and a green frog with solid black eyes and black stripes. Next enclosure had several baby mangrove snakes that were burrowing for some reason. During all of this I'm frantically trying to make these enclosures suitable with very little success, snakes getting out everywhere. Then I come to find out that this whole mess and myself are at my workplace, and I get fired over the phone by an Indian guy.

Edit: The pattern of ball I described actually exists, ha didn't expect that.
Had a nightmare I was loosing a middle-school level match of Badminton really badly. I don't even play Badminton, and yet I woke up in a cold sweat. I'm just confused at what this is supposed to tell me.
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