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A lot of my dreams end up giving me deja vu later on in life. Just had an incident with a squishy turtle toy, i was bending it and then I remembered having done it before even though I hadn't, it was probably just a dream though.
Other times this has happened;
Me being in the car with my grandma on this certain road during sunset, dreamt this a few months prior.
Certain conversations or texts with friends.
etc I can't remember them all rn
omg same
Yup, that happens to me too. It's a thing.
Oh yes. Definitely felt that. Very weird feeling. "Haven't I done this before" and then realising "Oh no, that was a dream."

Semi-related, but doesn't give deja vu: I commonly dream that I'm lying in bed, waking up next to my boyfriend and I tell him about the dream I just had. This is probably because I wake up, think about the dream I had and how I want to tell him about it, but I'm too tired still so I slip back into sleep and start dreaming about what I'm gonne do instead of actually doing it.

Yesterday I also had the weirdest feeling. I took a nap and boyfriendo comes into the room just as I'm waking up. We discuss some things, I look out the window and notice what it looks like out there, he leaves and I start getting serious about waking up.

AND THEN I wake up. Boyfriendo comes into the room. I ask "Weren't you here before?" and he answers "No. I haven't been here since coffee break." So all that up there in that paragraph above, was just me dreaming about waking up. Like a total idiot. I was very confused when I actually woke up. Dreams like that are too damn realistic.
That happens to me a lot, except it's me turning off my alarm and posting on twocans about how damn early I have to wake up for school but then I realize that I haven't done it yet.
I dont know if my dreams are dreams or nightmares, they're not scary scary things, but they're not not scary either. sometimes they're about me trying to get home in a place that is near where my house is, but it looks different and I keep getting lost. somehow I'm calm the entire way but I never make it back home in those dreams

sometimes they're about school, once when I was starting my new school I dreamt about a school that looks entirely different, another time about me forgetting to wear my shoes to school so I couldnt actually go to school, another time where I was with my class in the field outside that looks nothing like the schools actual field, and nobody was going on this one slide, I dont know where the slide came from, but I went because I didnt know why people didnt and the slide was high up. i went down and it was cut off halfway so i was falling when i went down and the dream ended

another one, what I remember is I was somehow flying through the air, like when you ride a pig in minecraft, that sitting position but I was flying, and I was flying over what looked like a 1.18 birch forest in minecraft, I passed a swamp and then came this area where it was sandy and hot and the surrounding it was a very small hill around it the sandy area was like a rectangle. the hilly grassy bit was all muddy and swampy, there were other people as well. somebody had a campfire, I think the reason it was in the dream was because I made a minecraft world and added campfires in my house to cook my food. I also wasnt wearing shoes then. then it started getting dark and some people were setting up tents and some were leaving. since a few people were leaving I followed this one boy out of the place which looked like my schools sports office with one of the sport teachers there, I went out and I was walking really quickly. it was pitch black and I was still following the boy. I somehow made it to my old house which is in a city near to the one I live in now, and went inside. turns out it was the boys house too. it looked different in the dream as well. I decided to call my dad on my phone and tell him to pick me up and then the dream ended there.

tldr; so many of my dreams end up with me being lost and never getting back, although I'm always calm and the places look somewhat familiar
dreamt i was bitten by a venomous snake

glad i wasnt when i woke up

snakes are so silly
I had a dream that I was in a pet store and there was some guy chasing me with a basketball

Were you terrified?
Not a dream, but do you ever have those moments where you're walkling, disassociate from reality for a split second, and then forget how to walk? Either that, or you feel really extra tall while walking.
Tsin keeps talking about eating soylent and my brain has finally done something with it in dream world.
I've never watched Soylent Green, but I'm aware it is people. Brain was clearly walking that path.

I dreamt of a dystopian world in which humanoid bodies are recycled into either nourishment or new bodies. There are multiple factions of humanoids that are all at war with each other, which provides the raw materials for recycling. Apart from those involved in the process, none of them are aware that they are actually the same race, divided by surgical enhancements. (Or that they were actually the source of their nourishment.) Everyone is involved in the warring process, including children; they are all 'agents'. I was a rogue agent but also an integral part of the bigger picture. The majority of the dream, I was being chased by the matriarchal figure (I'll call her Mother because I think that's what I was calling her in the dream, but she wasn't supposed to be my mum or anything; it's a title I think) who was running the whole thing.

I started off in a child body. I was a 'base' human that was dwelling on the surface. My 'father' was trying to help me escape from a bounty hunter from within our faction. The different factions dwelt in different areas with various advantages. The base humans had explosive drones they would deploy, which this bounty hunter was using against us. My father led us to the tunnels (occupied by another faction). These weren't like a sewer system or subway or anything like that. They had strategically spaced hatches to contain the blasts from the drones. My father had been working these out for quite some time prior to this confrontation. He had been planning to smuggle me away for a while.

The drones were a lot like grenades in that they would be armed and propelled towards their target and there was no stopping them after this has happened. The bounty hunter followed us into the tunnels, as he refused to allow us to escape. His drone was armed and deployed, racing after us through the tunnels.

My father worked the controls for the hatches. They were in a script I didn't recognise. Very much in action movie fashion, my father managed to close the hatches around the bounty hunter and his drone at the last minute, forcing the bounty hunter to fall prey to his own tech. An explosion occurs that has no effect to the other side of the hatch, where we were safe.

I don't remember exactly what happened next as it is dream blurry.

Eventually, I find myself in Mother's lab, unwittingly captured - my father recycled into nourishment. An unconscious woman who had attempted to help me escape was placed by Mother into a recycling pod. Mother strokes her forehead and I can see that the woman has completely transformed. A young child now rests in the pod. She has been altered into another faction. Mother quietly soothes her and I realise that she has been made to forget her whole life; she is essentially a new being.

Mother pulls me from a recycling pod. I find I have also been altered. I now have robotic eyes and silicone-covered ear enhancements that run from my cheekbones, extending the point of my ears and altering my face shape. My skin is pale, blue-toned. My hair is black, where it was previously a brown colour. I am still myself. Nothing has happened to my memories in the manner that occurred with the woman-now-child. Mother is aware of this.

While she is busy, I manage to escape. There's a lot of running and going different places. The dream is starting to fade from my memory. I know that I travel through a few different factions. I make my way through a shopping area. My body has changed again (almost at will) to that of a young woman. Mother's agents swarm me, but I make it out to a 'farming' area. A guy helps me to stay under cover while a helicopter patrols the area. Guards stomp through the 'crop', as the man helps me escape.

I find myself on large boats, not unlike cruise ships. The occupants are sex-crazed high rollers that try to completely remove themselves from the 'politics' of the world. They seem to be aware of how everything works, but they have drugs and a continuous fresh supply of young bodies so they don't really care. All of the cabins have doors with a DNA lock. If you've got the right DNA, you walk through the door as though it isn't there. I seem to have access to a few suites and make my way through. I try to use my body to lure one of the guests to aid me, but he's well aware of who I am and wants no part of it.

Something happens. The boat crashes. Swarms of agents invade, recycling bodies (to nourishment) as they go. I escape and make my way through a market.

Mother has this really interesting ability in which she can essentially needle-cast (I'm relying on you to have seen Altered Carbon for that reference) into whatever body she so wishes (apart from me apparently). She can inhabit multiple bodies. This requires a lot of energy, so Mother reserves it as a last resort.

As I'm making my way through the market, I find there are many women turning to stare menacingly at me. They call out to me. They start to try to capture me. Everywhere I go, Mother is casting into bodies to get to me. I come across another agent who doesn't seem to be able to be occupied by Mother. She's my sister and has been looking for me throughout the wars. She distracts Mother while I manage to escape into some forgotten hatch. A few of the people I have seen throughout the dream (all of whom know each other apparently) have similarly made it to this hatch. Aaaaaand that's all I can remember.
That is a very cool dream, my dude. Seriously. I was enraptured. You should make it into a story.
i guess tw because it's about murder and michael jackson

so i had a dream where i killed kid michael jackson and so i hid him at the top of the woods right next to the road and covered his body in leaves (also it never showed me killing him i just assumed i did) so anyway i go to my garden and start digging a hole and my sister helps and its not big enough and then i blame my sister for it to the investigation people but they dont listen and i want to frame it as a sucicide because people blamed him for being a pedo but i cant because its kid michael jackson idk why he was a kid ok and yeah that was my dream we never buried him and im pretty sure we just left or something idk
that was my dream
I wish my right brain was as active as yours. I'm a little jealous of your dreaming; I never get dreams like that.
it's one of my favorite parts of being me. i have so many dreams that are vivid and sometimes i can control them though i prefer not to since it's nice to have a surprise yk. that dream was after i watched a documentary on michael jackson
I should do more flag studies right before sleep then, eh? Haha.
yes that would be good
sorry for double post but i had a new dream

so my dream was this thing called canada soda and prince harry did a commercial for it saying he loved the soda so much he wished he was the prince of canada because the soda is only available in canada. the end (i don't live in canada)
hey. am i still allowed to post here? its been a while

i had a dream that i watched someone play a game about taking care of fish, then i went into my bathroom and played the game myself. i was standing in front of the mirror playing with the fish floating around my head until all but one small yellow one disappeared. i started saying how much i love sunfish (it was not a sunfish) until i feel something crawling on top of my head. its a spider. i start freaking the fuck out and wake myself up in the process.

then i fall back asleep and have a dream about racism.
what kind of fish was it
a blue tang. except it was all yellow with no eyes or mouth
you have very cool dreams
Just had this dream, so lemme write it down while it's fresh.

So, me and my friend Alex (?) were chilling with a ton of other people in the back of a truck, going to a forest. We were playing some sort of weird Tag / CTF / Hide and Seek hybrid, while themed. We were all in WWII-looking clothes, some German, some American. Once we arrived at the forest, all of the American troops had to get out and run. So, me and Alex ran for quite a while until we found the edge of the play area, where we had to turn back and find somewhere else. We passing a little village when we saw some German troops coming. So, we climbed on the roof of a building, and sat there until the Germans passed. We jumped down, and kept going. We found a little hut on the top of a hill to stay in for a while, and while in there... I dunno, there was this whole sequence with us using Uno Attack machines. Got a little weird there. After that, we noticed that the Germans were beginning to surround our hut. So, we both tried to run. Alex got caught, but I was able to escape sliding down a (staircase?) railing. Once at the bottom of the hill, I remembered that I actually had a (rubber bullet?) gun on me, and that if I killed hitler I would win. So, of course I found the one person with the mustache, and shot. Missed. Shot again. Hit. And then I woke up.

This is the first dream I've had in awhile, and I'm glad it was a cool one. It got sorta Secret Hitler there at the end, so I'm not sure where that came from. If this was a real game I could play, I would 10/10 do it.
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