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:( that's an upsetting dream. Hope you're okay now that you're awake.
thanks, I'm fine now, but I'll be remembering that dream for the entire day :(
i had a fever dream (i actually had a fever). this was a while ago. twas very vivid and i remember it very well lol.

so, i was sick in the dream. the location was a hospital, in japan i believe. seemed like it was the feudal japan era. apparently i had a rare disease that had no cure. it wasn't contagious or anything, it's just that i would die at any moment. my boyfriend was my doctor. he didn't really find any solution, until he decided to do major research. so apparently there was a cure! there was only 7 in the world, and we figured that it was impossible, until one of the nurses said that there was a witch that could possibly have a cure. and so we went. to the witch. we searched until we found a lady with a green nose, in the dream we actually made a joke about the nose. and we went to her, and she said she didn't have any, however, she pulled up a scroll saying that there was a contest, and the prize was the cure. so we thanked her for her knowledge and we went to the city of the contest. it was a samurai fighting contest. so he battled it out. just for me. :) and so he won and i gave him a kiss on the cheek, and took the cure. i was cured. i don't think we were actually dating in the dream though. he was just my knight (well, my doctor) in shining armor and i seemed to admire and love him, and crush on him a little. cute dream if i say so myself. 10/10 would dream again
i had a bunch of nightmares last night and now im super tired its so hard being me also why did i have nightmares
me too stripes maybe we shouldn't have stayed up so late
its ok it wasnt that late at least it wasnt like 2 am or something
yeah definitely
i had this weird dream that i was on my vr headset, but i was in this recreation of some sort of large canyon, i'm not sure which. but the weird thing was is that i could actually move around using my feet while in vr, but i wouldn't move irl. it was super wacky.
did you die in the end
then this face appeared and the music stopped for the rest of my dream.
now, i know it sounds cheesy, but i saw that man in my dreams.

Hey, man, I hate to burst your bubble but... this is not a sort of "phenomenon". This is an art project created by an avant garde group. They claimed that everyone has seen this man in their dreams, even though they haven't. But they're clever bastards. Once you saw that image, you now cemented its idea of the man being the "everyman" of your dreams. Your brain accepted this, and started inserting it into your dreams. If you had never heard of the whole This Man craze, you never would've seen this man in your dreams ever unless somebody happened to look like him.
I've seen that image a lot, but I have never seen him in a dream. That is likely because I don't tend to remember my dreams very often, but even so I've still never seen him.
I dreamt that SO and I were visiting the US, during which time Putin nuked Sweden. So since we couldn't go back home, I reached out to some TwoCans friends, hoping that someone might house us for a little while. I don't remember if there were any takers, but I do remember that SO and I settled on going to Canada because "no way are we going to live in the US for an extended amount of time".
I had a dream that my male budgie laid a bunch of eggs in his cage. that's it. he's literally a boy, he cant lay eggs, and not to mention, the eggs were chicken egg sized, budgie eggs are tiny! there were around 13 in the cage and in the dream I was so confused on how I could've not realised that
I dreamt about a lot of different things. But the first part that I remember was someone ominously explaining how the last few months have just been the calm before the storm and that I should've stockpiled food and necessities while I still had the chance. It's too late now.
I had a dream where I went shopping, found some cool stuff, and bought it all for an absurdly cheap price.

Well, I had my first dream about teaching marching band this year. My band has been having weekly summer rehearsals, but I had to miss the first two, and my first one is going to be this coming week.
before I fell asleep I was really tired and trying hard to sleep, and when I did fall asleep I had a dream that I was in school trying to fall asleep. I guess that's just trying to tell me I'm super tired and need my sleep, but I got woken up half an hour later for school anyway
when I get nightmares they're never usually scary, they're more of just uncomfortable dreams that never have that action bit or gets me to scream, by the end of it my heart rate just goes up by a tiny bit. like, one "nightmare" I had was this alien invasion thing, but I was completely alone. I knew the aliens were coming so I had to run, I went on a walk and there was nobody there and not a lot of colour, mainly grey. the surroundings was like places I knew but different and creepy. a lot of my nightmares are me getting lost, but nothing happens, I just walk around doing nothing and it's usually empty.

anyways, on to the nightmare I had tonight. it was weird, so apparently in a room in my house there was a big dog, a really big husky and it wasn't trained and a little wild and my dad was playing with the dog. it was a new dog so it was still being trained. for some reason there's a giant mattress in the middle of the room so the room is cramped and you can only go around it, so I go around the mattress and get the dogs attention and get out the room and run up the stairs hoping to trick the beastly big scary dog but a toy got caught on my sock and I was stuck on the stairs. the door of the room was slightly opened and the ,dog saw me on the stairs so it came out the room and started following me. I was yelling for my mum but my voice wasn't working and she didn't seem to hear me and that's where it ends where the scary killer dog was coming up the stairs.
A friend of mine messaged me to tell me that he had a dream we talked about wood glue.
i had a dream where there was grass outside and it was warm but my car still had snow on it
i had a dream where ed sheeran was president and also had dementia and i was watching videos of him because i had a to capture him
That sounds like a good dream
wow ed sheeran
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