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Here is the start of my list of Interesting/Cool websites Ive found lately :)
A awesome website allowing you to download youtube videos :P.
A website where you can play/buy really cool games that will keep you busy. (joking, joking)
rawsarrow said:
A website where you can play/buy really cool games that will keep you busy.
Their headquarters were next to my old apartment.

I found it funny.
(must give credits to Zubonic for introducing it to me)

I found it funny.

Holy mother of GOD that is awesome!
I know right? My friend and I love it. We have this thing with beards...don't think about why, it will mess up your brain...
When I am sad I go to I also like postsecret and foundmagazine. Freerice is a nice way to kill some time and learn things.
If anyone likes toho (Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra) Tohokingdom is a nice site.
Surviving the World, very intelligent and funny. Surviving the World

Also Guests in Purgatory. It's yaoi, so be careful...
Think Geek and Woot are pretty cool sites.
Dub happy

Hackaday (hardware hackers' blog
Kongregate (game site)
Memebase (hilarious conglomeration of internet phenomena)
TV Tropes (easiest way to waste your entire life learning useless stuff)
A website by Superjesus (i am i mod on there)
The most important website you'll ever see in your life.
This one is awesome.
This one is hilarious.
This one is a great time killer.
You were not lying. ZOMBO is phenomenal.
Has anybody heard of Cyanide and Happiness?

Yep. Coool website.
^ You mean, I suppose.
Cyanide and Happiness is my least favourite of all the comics I go to.

I like , , , and a few other ones that don't get updated anywhere near as often.

And all the other sites by those guys (taste of awesome, love gives me hope etc.)
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