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I don't know where this really belongs so I'll put it here.
Just post pics of your favorite shoe or the one you wear most, simple.

Adidas Allstars (need I say more)
Black Chuck taylors
Gray, I was all excited to see puppies. ):

My usual shoes look like this.
I only have 2 pairs of shoes I wear. Also, I have a pair of heels and a pair of rainboots.
Bright yellow flip flops.
I've been wearing these guys, or close New Balance variations thereof, since about my fifth grade year in school.
Considering the shoes and scholastic systems both did and did not exist when I was in fifth grade, which was very recently and immeasurably long ago, this is something of an interesting tid-bit.
My favorites. I've got like 10 pairs all different colors.
I also have some old sky blue ones but couldn't find a picture.
I really want a pair of boots similar to these oh so badly. I can never find what I want in stores though. I'm very picky about what my pirate boots should look like. Also, I find it really annoying when you see pirate boots with high heels. I mean, how the hell can you be a pirate if you're wearing heels?
I do like the look of those pirate boots...
Borken link is broken.
Looks like that link is broken
I have these shoes.

Your link was broken. It has been fixified.
These are my favourite pair of shoes, except they look a bit darker then they really are in that picture maybe it's just my computer though. These are my sandals.
I rock this shoe, times two.

I also wear these.
I heard that you can eat crocs if you boil them.
I heard you can do the same with Chickadees.
...oh, my. ._.
These are my favorite shoes.

I have to wear these for school. They are most uncomfortable, but I can throw them away in a few weeks.

I can't find I picture, but I had a wonderful pair of sandals from Old Navy. They had a strap and little squares that left cool tan lines. But they broke, and I foolishly threw them away thinking I could just replace them. Now I can't find them anywhere and I'm sad. :(
I've got these:
Chickadee said:
My usual shoes look like this.

I'm too lazy to find a pic of my shoes, and they look pretty much like this, so I'm just gonna go with that.

Edit: A difference though, I have DC shoes.
I wear odd colored fallen skate shoes..
My newest pair are seafoam green..
But I have black, red, purple, orange, and green as well..
Everytime I come to this thread, I think "Shoes. Shoes. Ohmigod, shoes."
These when I skate and These I sometimes skate in but I just wear around.
I have 3 pairs that I switch between. One that looks more or less like this, another like this, and a pair of dark green and black adidas.