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i have wanted extentions for about two years now. i have researched them, learned how to wear, color, maintain, and apply them. they are about $100 dollars or so and i didnt have the money when i went to look at them. now i do and ill be making more soon, however, my mom won't let me get them. she says they are a waste of money and pointless. i think there is a deeper meaning but she said that if im still sweating them by the end of the summer, we could talk about them then. only talk!! the whole reason i waited until summer was so i could learn how to use them on my own. . .they say the more you do it the easier it gets, well my mornings for school start very early so i want to be able to get everything done fast. if i get them at the END of summer then ill have to start practicing them at the beginging of school. and im going to highschool so if they look stupid bc of lack of know-how, ill be tormented. how can i convince my mom to let me use MY money to buy them?
i think there is a deeper meaning

Wait, what? Just tell her that you've nothing else to spend the money on or ask her if you could get someone else to put them in.
Why don't you just grow out your hair?
This made me LOL so hard.
Don't extensions pull your hair out? Maybe that's a weave. My mother used to force me to have short bangs. It was horrible. They would flip out at the ends and I'd have to walk around school with horns.
Um. Talk to her logically, explain why you want them?
Grow your hair!