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How significant do you think IQ is to a person's life? Do you think high IQ is a blessing or a curse, socially speaking? Etc, etc, etc. General discussion about the significance of IQ on a person's life.
IQ is nothing. Because IQ doesn't tell you how much you can learn. With enough recourses and motivation, anyone can kick their IQ up to 130.
I couldn't care less about someone's IQ. I don't think it a good way to 'tell how smart someone is'.
Exactly, it isn't a very effective way to tell how smart someone is
IQ does matter. People with higher IQs learn easier not more. IQ doesn't measure intelligence, it measures one's reasoning ability.
But a person with lower IQ could still be smarter.
I know IQ isn't a complete measure of intelligence, but I find intelligence is helpful, socially. If you do well on a test and somebody asks you how well you did, they'll probably say "awww well done! You're so smart!" And you've just started a conversation. If you get a reputation for being intelligent amongst the people that I spend time around, then they will always start a conversation with you if they need help, advice or just want to know something.
Jebus, that is what I said. But if you give a person with an IQ of 150 and a person with 100 a set amount of time to study a single topic, the person with the higher IQ is more likely to obtain and retain more knowledge. Which means if someone with a higher IQ applies themselves the same as the lower IQ person then they would likely be smarter in the end.
I kind of see this in school, I have an IQ of 120ish and my friend 150, I learn pretty quick but he does quicker, and we both apply are selves the same but he does accel more. Does pretty much make sense
Yeah, I didn't say IQ=intelligence. You still have to apply yourself. My IQ is 168, but I know people smarter than me that can't all have a higher IQ. I didn't push myself to the limit because I didn't have to.
How do all of you know your IQs? Is this a standard test in the US?
I have taken multiple test to measure, most of them recommended by my teacher
Yea there are standardised tests. I got 135-ish.
I took mine in middle and high school when I was in TAG.
I haven't taken a standard one, but I usually average between 120-130
I know they are standardised tests, Hunterr. I was asking if it was standard for them to be given in US schools.
They did my tests when I was like, 6. I do not remember them.
They are not standard I don't think, teachers do find good ones to use though (In my school)
IQ tests are not standard in USA schools - or at least not in Oregon and Washington.

IQ tests only measure ability to reason through written words. I find them to be rather limiting, as they completely disregard people who learn visually, auditorily, or through doing things. Personally, I think that someone with a lower IQ who tends to learn visually is often just as intelligent as someone who learns more through words.

I don't think a high IQ is either a blessing or a curse socially, as generally people will interact with others however much as will make them happy. People with high IQs often tend to be more introverted, and are happier being alone more. People with IQs closer to 100 tend to be more social. It's not good or bad. It just is.

Karhand said:
IQ is nothing. Because IQ doesn't tell you how much you can learn. With enough recourses and motivation, anyone can kick their IQ up to 130.

That is untrue, because IQ does not measure knowledge. It measures how quickly people can obtain new knowledge and make connections through written words.
I am the exception. I'm very social.
I was speaking in general terms. There's probably a fairly even amount for both, except at the extreme ends.
I'm not, I'm super introverted with a mid-170s IQ.

Edit: I got ninja'd...
I'm not even mildly introverted, I'm totally at ease in any situation.
I know that mine is around 125-ish, but that's according to online tests, so I doubt it's that accurate. Plus, I'm more of a visual and hands on learner.
I'm more of a listen and learn person, I can't look at a math book and understand what it is teaching me unless I have someone to guide me. But once I get it, I have it in the bag
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