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Nah, you're kidding us. A psychometric is when you start kilometerizing your miles. Psychopaths.
IQ is what makes a person. If you have a low IQ, you have some sort of a disability
Somewhat, and if you have high IQ, you're predisposed to be smart, but 1) intelligence is far from the best metric to judge people by and 2) IQ is a poor way to measure intelligence in the first place.
IQ is what makes a person. If you have a low IQ, you have some sort of a disability

Yeah, I'll agree with the second part, but not the first. From my experience, the intellectual side of a person can be (reasonably) split into three factors:

  • Aptitude : Yes, sure, some part of mental faculties will undeniably vary from person to person. The "Aptitude" part of intellect focuses on raw mental power and strengths, not on application or knowledge. You can have brilliant mental aptitude and still not be able to name the causes of World War I, or be able to solve an abstract algebraic formula.

  • Knowledge : More importantly, knowledge stems from the actual repertoire of a person's mind, in terms of memory and wisdom. The most knowledgeable person in the world can be an absolute idiot. They may be able to accurately name and identify all of the military leaders throughout the Civil War, but they may not necessarily be able to do long division in their head, or win a game of chess.

  • Intelligence : This is more of what the IQ test actually tests. Intelligence is best described as the ability to abstractly think and reason through a problem. It's the core of your problem-solving abilities. Again, you may be able to flawlessly win a game of chess or isolate a variable through a string of complex operations, while not being able to multiply four-digits numbers or name a single U.S. president.

(The examples are all exaggerations. Obviously. But the principle still stands.)

So, to be clear, a person can have Aptitude, Knowledge, and Intelligence separately, but I'd hardly say that IQ determines your full mental capabilities. It's a single part of the greater triad that makes up the intellectual aspect of a person.

And even then, intellect isn't everything. If I had a choice between a brainiac who only wants to remind me that they're smart and a liberal arts major who has a project about photographing cool graffiti, chances are I'll take the liberal arts major.
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