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I'm making this thread in General Discussion just so it's a bit more accessible, but I'd prefer if it was handled a bit more seriously.

What did you learn today? How did it make you feel? Why?

I'd prefer if you didn't must post silly things in this like "Today I learned that Shannen is amazing" (for one, because we all know this), passive-aggressive attacks on another user/person ("I learned that friend won't be there for you when you need them."--talk to the person. It'll solve a lot more conflicts than posting about it here will.) Try not to post things that are *too* general knowledge or that you've known for a while.

Share what you learned so we can know it too. :)

The sign for 'always' can also mean 'eternity' and 'forever'. (If you want to see the sign, you can look it up here under 'forever'.) I want to eventually be fluent in American Sign Language. I've always 'talked' with my hands in that I strongly incorporated gestures while speaking. I'd love to be able to sign, instead because there is a girl I know who is deaf. She's working to learn how to speak, but I want to meet her halfway. :)
She also taught me that 'lesbian' is an 'l' on your chin lengthwise, thumb pointing up to your ear.
What did you learn today?
I learnt about how difficult it is to write a joint article, what with trying to include the other person's views and yours without being contradictory. Also, that altruistic is the opposite of selfish.
I learnt that if you starve yourself for a very long time your body will start breaking down the proteins in your muscles in order to produce energy. And that the very last thing your body does before dying of starvation is breaking down the proteins in the blood plasma in order to produce energy.
That's really interesting.
I learned that the reason atoms with similar atomic numbers have wildly different qualities is because, rather than assume all electrons will naturally be found in the ground state of each atom, they are arranged in different energy levels owing to Pauli's Exclusion Principle, which states that no two electrons in the same atom can share the same set of quantum numbers.
Today I learned some of the people you hate the most and hate you can unexpectedly turn out to be your closest allies.
Today I learned that the word Ciao can be used as a greeting and an indicator of departure.
Today I learnt that a 64th note can also be called a hemidemisemiquaver in the English language.
I learned instant release amphetamines cause ridiculous amounts of introspection and sadness.
That sounds miserable.
Today I learned what 'displacement current' means.
Venice said:
That sounds miserable.
It kinda stopped being miserable after I started working when the only thing I could think about was how to finish the problem I was working on, then on to the next one.
Ven, you're wonderful.

Today I learned about a theory which suggests dreams present recent memories with older semantic memories and past experience as a reflection of memory consolidation. It shows how there is integration of new and old memories together in the brain.

Psychology is really great at stating the obvious (:
There's also the hypothesis that dreams are a result of the brain attempting to interpret random firing of neurons and random brain activity during rem sleep.
And some stages of nREM.
I recently learned that it is possible to have a surface with only one side.

Care to explain?
A completely filled in sphere, perhaps?

EDIT: Oh, Möbius strip, probably.
Oh, that makes sense. :)
I recently learned that if you eat too many kiwi fruits, you will get a vitamin poisoning and might end up in a hospital.
But you won't get scurvy!
Eating people from NZ is kinda rude, anyway.
^I chortled.

Today I learned that the internet has destroyed my attention span.
EDIT: Oh, Möbius strip, probably.

Today i learned that for my chemistry quiz tomorrow we are expected to have memorized a long list of polyatomic ions....great
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