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In celebration of the new ability to post pictures in threads, I thought it would be fun to have a self picture thread. Let the photo whoring begin. 🙂

Need to fix this later.***
You should reduce the size of that picture and reload it. It's killing Baby Bear.
I can see this being suspicious if accessed at school.

Edit: Damn you Shadow, you're in my brain.
I have to leave right now. I will revive baby bear later.
Damn you Shadow, you're in my brain.

Humorously enough, that's about the fourth time I've been told that today.
Hey, is it really that bad on baby bear? It is fine on papa bear.

Aww yeah, dorky new haircut and all. :D

EDIT: *grumble* Why can't everyone have massive screen resolutions... *grumble*
You should also reduce the size of your picture.
I know people who use this website 🙁 so message me if you actually have some sort of interest. Can't guarantee I won't give you a picture of Adolf or Megan Fox, if I trust you then I won't.

Me my junior year in high school. Rockin' the flip flops in febuary
@Jim: I love your ping-pong paddle. It pleases me immensely.

Last Friday of school before Winter Break. Edited to look like an old picture.
I'm the one that's winning.
Group Photo.jpg
I'm the most attractive man in back.
Oh, why not? I had it up on the old site, anyway. Here I am:

I like your hairstyle.
Qwaz: What show is that?

I have that shirt!
@Qwaz, You decide.
I like the dude in red. He seems fun.

Io: It's the Phoenix Arc of the Ace Attorney Series.
Me 2.0.jpg
I've since cut my hair. I'd take one now, but it's too dark.
Here's a more updated photo of me, I'm the guy at the far end. I know I look young, I'm 19 though. 18 in the picture. 38023_1533722431019_1473552662_1394142_3594065_n.j
There needs to be a size limit on pictures.
@Raining: I swear I've seen you somewhere before.
Perhaps you saw a comment of mine on facebook. I'm friends with Never on there.
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