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Do you remember what was the first avatar that you used on this site? How about the second one? Or the 436527th one? Also, how often do you change your avatar? I am curious to see what kind of pictures you guys use. Are they related to something or are they just random? Adding the original pictures would be appreciated.
I'm fairly new to the site and the only one I've used since now is the plague doctor.
I've change avatars twice.

Avatar #1
Avatar #2

Yeah, I had some awesome avatars. I kind of desire to stick to this current one, however.
My first one was Dumblydore.
Then it was a narwhal.
Then it briefly was a tamagatchi.
Now it is the coverart from a Yeah Yeah Yeah's album.
Mine is and always will be the peanut butter jelly time banana. Unless I change my mind...
My first was a leaf. Then it became what it is today.
My images folder contains 5014 files, I'm not going through that to find my old avatars.
Though the ones I used was pictures of Craig Jones.
Edit: I found the first one on google, so I'll guess I can try to find the second one as well.
Edit 2: Here it is.
First avatar I ever had was a picture of me. I've since switched about a thousand times.
Or maybe only ten times. Not sure. Memory is a little rough.
I've had tons. This was the 1st.


And these were some :
How do you post pictures that aren't links? I've always wondered.
Upload them using the nifty little uploaded Blake has installed.
I made mine, and it has never changed. Most likely due to laziness.

How do you post pictures that aren't links? I've always wondered.

Ask Raining to show you one of her delightfully sarcastic instructional .jpg's. Otherwise, it's the button at the far right above the posting screen. Picture of a tree in a field? You upload your picture, then press 'Refresh Listing' to see your shiny new picture. And, if by any chance that you feel the picture is too large, be sure to check the 'Post as link' option at the bottom before you place the picture.
Jumping goat.jpg

You'll notice a theme.
You had the third last one for a while, I believe. It was my favourite.
The second Wallace, Simon and The Kid from Bastion are my favourites. I'll see how I feel about this one in a few days. Generally I pick characters who I either connect with in some way, or I like the design of.
I think this was my first one. I changed it briefly once or twice.
There was the one you had for as long as I remember you. It was a smiling little girl or something.
This one. 24976.jpg
Oh! I thought that was the one I was using now. It is not. Clearly I do not keep very good track of these things...
This was my first avatar.
There was one of yours I liked very much, it had your name on it and was very elegant.
Ah, these.
icon.png 12.png
dead_is_funny.jpg Girl avvie.jpg somber (67).gif Pikachu___by_Bestary.gif
Yes, that's the one! I also like the one with the skull, and your current one.
I like yours.
Makes me think of a leaf.
I have a tattoo that looks like that.
Thank you, Destiny :)
Really? Cool. It makes me think of ribs. I'm not sure if that was the intention.
Edit: Awesome! You should probably try to resize it though, someone is bound to give out.
Edit edit (?): Oh.. Is it gone now?
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