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Admit it, this needs rebuilding.
Tell us, children, what's running through that pretty little head of yours? Working out life? Wondering what's for lunch next Tuesday? We probably don't care as much as you, but we do like to read about it. So have at it!
The songs "Deity" and "The Missing" by Ministry are playing and I don't even remember downloading them. What the fuck? No complaints just, really, how?
My pasta is cold. I should eat before getting distracted by the forum and it's fancy new updates. And I really need to get around to doing my homework.
I'm stealing his iPod. He has no idea.
"Why did the University of Alabama send me an invitation to a 'Special Reception'? They should at least specify what it is before I travel across the state to it."
What the fuck is this? He really expects me to eat this?
[Mod-Warning: Stop shouting, ash.layyy.]
Are you going to use red for all your mod stuff now Shadow? Because I like it.
you're no mod! 😠
(at least not now anyway...)
@Joetom: Yes. I will use red and bold font for moderator stuff.
[Mod-Warning: Stop shouting, ash.layyy.]

Aw, shucks. I'm sorry. I'm just very cold.
I am playing with TwoCans and it makes me happy.
@Thinger: We can still hand out warnings.
It just doesn't feel the same. 😕
also I like the smileys. I think I'll abuse them a lot.
Thinger, I'm pretty sure we all will.

I want a football stadium full of cotton candy.
so is this the conglomerate of all the old threads that had the same basic formula?
Arg... my head is full of bullshit.
Oh holy cheesus! It's sunflowers!
If I say I'm outside at the park, then can I shout?
@Max: Yes. As long as you don't falsely yell something that could involve the cops. I also wouldn't yell if it's uber late because people trying to sleep could call in a noise complaint.
I'm going to be abusing the font colours so much much now. now. I can just see it happening. much time did you spend on that?
Too much.
You have no idea! I got so confused when I was doing it, that's why some words were repeated. Soo much HTML.
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