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And I now officially disapprove of the colour option.
I like that we can insert Greek letters. Also I think the equation thingy looks promising.

The colors are very interesting, don't you agree, Io?

Why, yes I do, antimony!
This class is all about stereotypes. "Women are design out of video games." "Design a game for old people - well, old people love to tell stories!" Ugh. I want to hit someone.
I hate pink. It's disgusting and pepto bismol-y.
I should never eat Chips Ahoy again.
How is it possible that there is nowhere on campus for me to buy a newspaper? I need one for class, and yet I haven't the means to get one.
Little boys should be allowed to have Barbie's too.
Some idiotic girl in my religious history class said that pagans were converting Jews in the few several hundred years before the first century, and that's the reason humanity needed Jesus. I wanted to slap her.
Thinking about baby seals, penguins and muskoxen.
Why the hell am I even trying?
I wonder how many heroic deeds I must accomplish to earn my own thread again. We here at the Everyone's Everyone Foundation like to keep track of these things.
They really must think I'm a fucking retard.
I really suppose I should tell her, but how am I supposed to do that? Oh hi, its good to see you again. Remember that guy that you really hate now? oh well, I've sorta gotten really attached to him. Yeah, and he likes me a lot too. That'll go over soooo well.
Brownies. Brownies. Agua. Brownies. Brownies.
Gods I want a chicken pot pie right now.
I really love that he just made my entire night.
100 posts in two days. That seems kind of sad.
Why does the financial aid company send letters addressed to "pianoklavier" to my house?
Dear Pianoklavier,
It is so exciting that you're almost a college student!

Excuse me financial aid company, but there is no one named Pianoklavier here. Why don't you actually read what you're sending out?
Obviously someone has played a trick on you.
I'm very hungry, bored, and need to study Calculus. I wish it were a snow day tomorrow.
I hate saying that I hate people. I refuse to hate three in a week. Which two deserve it most?
Hmm, I have totaly disreguard(that spelling looks really wrong...) for age groups written on books. That's possibly not a very good thing.
I can't wait for this weekend. I need warm pop and SG-1.
Sadly, I will most likely avoid all the studying I have to do today.
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