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I just heard more guns going off! 💪 Party’s just getting started!
Shots, shots, shots shots shots, shots!
Everybody! Hah! Oh man, I might have to start playing that game again. I just heard more.
And this is the 7th time in the past seven days I’ve heard gun shots going off at early times of the night. Today the police department had to hold a press conference about all the shootings. What they’re doing is putting more officers out on the streets at night. I have mixed feelings about that.

Edit: my bad, two days ago.

It's just some random dude trying to keep property prices down, no worries
They're practicing for a theater piece involving gunplay and they really want to get the scene right.
It's like those saloon scenes in the musical Crazy for You. Every time new city slicker character walks in, they're rehearsing their "Gunfights of the Old West" tourist trap, but shooting blanks. But they die so convincingly, the city folk are mortified.
They probably should have put the word out that it was for a play before people started getting spooked
That would spoil the surprise, though.
I haven't been on this site for about 200 days... I've missed it...
... ;)
Heh... hello, sir...

I hope you and your family have been well lately... :)
Oh hey, welcome back.
Teen titans Go is a torture device
Wut? It is so convenient having a toddler friendly super hero show that is only ten minutes long per episode.
Agreed. You have more frequent opportunities to turn off the TV without interrupting the story.
At least while that is on, you have every excuse at your command to do Bloons TD things
Sadly that is not the case, because our computer is the TV.
I feel for you
basing my choice of bar/club for birthday drinks on where is most likely to play carly rae jepsen and no one can stop me
Who would try?
Everyone who walks around the city you live in: be selective in what drivers you decide to shout “fuck you” at and flip them off. I think that only by the grace of god I didn’t get shot or something today.

If anyone is wondering why I’m flipping off cars and shouting “fuck you” at them, well, it’s because FUCK YOU, CAR.
If I said my real name is Hillman, would you believe me?
Not if you want to become emperor.
Speaking of stuffed bears, I saw Christopher Robin last night. I have to say, I didn't like Tigger at all.
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