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Today's my birthday, and now I'm 14.
Cheers good for you. Happy birthday!
Oof, I started out this OSHA 30 training with a lot of motivation, but have absolutely lost all of it. While I know it's important... man, I just want to be able to put this on my resume and be done with it.
Have you ever taken the True Colors personality assessment? You might not be Gold enough to really enjoy Health and Safety training.
Mmm, it's less that I don't enjoy the subject matter and more that it's just a pain to be doing it weekends/evenings and that it's 30 hours long.

I actually really enjoy working on our work safety program during normal business hours. I'd just rather be reading, playing games, or mindlessly internetting at home.
Zia said:
I'd just rather be reading, playing games, or mindlessly internetting at home.

I feel like that's most everyone. Hell, I have a book I've been working on for over a year.

Anyways, I got an interesting... sort of proposal today. I was sitting in may North American Archaeology class working on some Machine Design homework after I finished my lab, and my teacher (who was wandering around the room looking over people's shoulders and helping them with the lab) saw what I was doing and commented on how he had no fucking clue what any of it was (his words). He, another classmate, and I were chatting about differences in all of our majors, and the teacher said he'd love to have someone in engineering help out with some of the research they're doing in the archaeology department, helping build testing shit, running calculations, analyzing data, computer modeling, and physics/ballistics analysis.

Honestly I think it'd be super fucking cool, but I'm not sure if that's something I'd be up for doing. Thoughts?
That sounds like a really good idea. This sort of cross disciplinary stuff don't happen that much and if you have interest in it you should definitely go for it.
Does anyone else experience anxiety when they don’t smoke weed??
I feel like In order for me to function correctly I have to spark one up.
That’s called being addicted. It’s okay. I can get that way with cigarettes. We both just need to stop. For you maybe just cut back. For me, I gotta stop cigs altogether.
That sounds like a really good idea.
Seconded. This is a win-win unless academic-departmental politics finds a way to ruin the fun (but when has that ever happened?).
My main concern is time, which I really don't have much of.
My main concern
When I read that, I got super anxious, because my teachers use that phrase when correcting my writing, and I hate criticism.
I feel so tired all the time. And when I am energetic enough to do stuff, I procrastinate ._.
azerty said:
My main concern
When I read that, I got super anxious, because my teachers use that phrase when correcting my writing, and I hate criticism.
That’s like, the most polite way possible that a teacher could start out criticising your writing. You said ‘correcting’ so if it’s grammar mistakes and stuff, then that’s not even criticism, dude. That’s just stuff that needs fixing. Does it actually induce anxiety or does it just make you uncomfortable and annoyed?

Really, that’s one of the most polite ways anyone could start out criticising anything.
When I correct I just ask questions a lot. Why? What does this mean? Could you add more detail here? Where is your evidence. Be more specific , please. Which character are you talking about?

Those kids did not understand the point of an essay at allll
does it just make you uncomfortable and annoyed?

No, I felt fear. I get scared whenever I see “Your teacher just commented on your assignment” notifications because I think they are going to hate what I put. I have a huge problem taking criticism, even constructive criticism, especially through text, because I feel like people hate what I’m doing, even though I know that they don’t hate it. “My main concern” does not bother me a whole lot; it’s more things like “I don’t like” or “I’m worried” or when they just put question marks everywhere. I feel bad for fearing criticism like I do, but there’s nothing I can do to fix myself.
Well that’s a bit defeatist. You’re never going to be able to escape criticism.
I know that; it’s mostly formal criticism I hate, or criticism from someone I am close with (ie. friends, family, peers, teachers, etc.)
Well yeah, that’s the only criticism that matters.
I used to have a hard time with criticism, too. It's something I still try to be mindful about.
But you're never going to be perfect. You're not going to start good at anything. Your first draft is always going to be rough. The only way to be good at all is to improve, and to do that you need to look at your failings and what you can do to fix them. In that way, criticism is a gift because it shows you what you need to work on. It takes someone time and effort to tell you those things.
I don't know about you, but when I offer people criticism on their work, it's usually from a place of service to them. I want to help them get better. People are going to think what they think about you anyway, whether they tell it to you or not. At least this way you have a chance at making it better.
It's sort of the same thread as 'I did this embarrassing thing today, everyone'll remember it'. Of course you remember it, but can you remember embarrassing things your acquaintances have done? You feel bad for wearing the same shirt twice in one week, but you never notice when your friends do it.
I don't ever look at essays which my teachers mark and pass back to me. I think I'm just not proud of what I put out and I avoid looking back at past essays. Perhaps it is a sign that the essays I write are terribly subpar and I can't face how bad it might be. That of course means I hardly ever see the teacher's comments. Aww jeez I probably won't score that well when my test results come back
Fuck finals drink beer good luck on finals crush finals then crush cans.
Hear, hear.
Dude, it’s like - first time I’ve been able to drink in a long time and I just did laundry for the first time in a few weeks and dude, nothing beats the feeling of clean pajamas and beer.
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