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That makes them all sound depressingly shallow.
I'm feeling all sorts of messed up about school and crushes and such.
That sounds pretty normal.
I live in a very busy community, it’s nice walking to the corner store though.
I'm confused and sad
Think about it than sit down so you don’t hurt yourself 😌
Alfanewmerik, if there's anything I can do to help, my pms are open.

Was the site down for any of you earlier today?
I've done gone and done something stupid. Again.
I hate my school blocker and idk how to get vpn on computer
Not sure, but hang in there buddy.
You might be able to !!smuggle!! one in on a USB drive?
I'm back! But noone really cares about me either... Oh well, who cares :D
Welcome back, kirbymario64.
Where the frick were you dude
Just went to NorCal Play Festival, and my troupe did really good. We placed second in plays, and first and second in monologues. Now I'm having trouble figuring out if it was all a dream or not.
@limescum just wasn't checking back I guess. Cheers
Seek, and you shall find.
I'm a spy
that seems to be happening a lot lately ://
I made some chicken tenders at home. And my stomach is killing me. I think I didn’t properly cook it all the way 🤢
If the centre is hot, then it should be fine I guess?
You can definitely get a hot center without the chicken being fully cooked. Chicken isn't properly done until 165° F, so even if it's hot it might still be short of the target. Clear juices, totally white inside with no pink, and visually distinct meat fibers are the easiest indicators if you don't have a meat thermometer.
I'm nine posts away from hitting quadruple digits, and I really want to spend my 1000th meaningfully.
I'm getting there too.
I'm halfway there
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