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Dude isn’t is so cool when you can stay awake through an entire night? You can tell when the town goes to sleep. You can tell when the ‘good’ people have gone to bed and waiting for the next day and when those who probably should be sleeping are wild n out. Then you get to see when everybody is sleeping and resting. Not too long after that, people start waking up again.
I don't understand why people find a reason to hurt you. It's unnecessary and aggravating. Sometimes they piss me off so much that I just want to grab the nearest knife and oh so slowly scrape away there skin so they can feel the pain they cause me to go through.
I'd like to have a pet cat someday.
Cats are awesome.
Certainly. The kind I would really want is a Russian Blue.
Oh dude. One of my friends when I was a kid had a russian blue. Apparently his cat was purebred and like, its fur really was shiny and kinda iridescent. It was a really shy cat, but really sweet to people who were, you know, good with cats. They’ve got cool colors. Next place I move to, I’m getting a cat. I don’t have preferences for breeds usually, but I’ve always really liked straight up black cats.
I also want a black cat, but with green eyes. Apparently black cats are not adopted frequently from shelters on behalf of superstition
Lol that’s kind of the reason I think black cats are cool.
Freakkkkkiing same
Lol, I had a guy over to my place once and he saw my boxes of my preserved plants in jars, old books, random piles of tobacco here and there, some ashes in random spots on a counter, and a couple bibles and he goes, jokingly of course, “Are you a witch? Where’s your cat?” My want for a black cat was solidified.

By the way, you ever heard of that crazy ass papal bull about the devil worshipers who would have big dinners then kiss a black cat’s butthole after he emerged magically, and then they’d all start having orgies?
Plus the little ones look like soot motes :3
I want a cat so much. My ex recently replaced me with a cat and she's the sweetest little thing. I've always liked cats but never expected to love one this much, having grown up in a dog only house
Cats are the devil call a fuckin exorcist fam
Fuck that, I need a familiar to watch my witch hut.
Stars are round and not pointed.
Nah, they’re actually the shape of a pentagon with triangles on each side. Telescopes just aren’t strong enough to pick up on it.
My mind was just blown.
Disney just teased the Frozen 2 trailer a week ago. Everybody let's break out the Naptime!
Not much happened today.
Same slow shit as always for me
Making a video remix of my school's video announcements, sad to see that I have a better editor

school has iMovie

I have Lightworks (free because I don't have a credit card :( )
3 more days until I can get rid of this pfp

^ Image, for posterity reasons
Why do you have to wait three days?
He lost a game and had to change his profile picture for some period of time. That period ends soon
Ah ok
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