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Would it kill people to prop their laptops up higher when giving a webcam interview? I'm sick of feeling uncomfortable while lookibg up at someone from such a terrible angle
Rhythm heaven is one of the quirkiest and cutest games I’ve ever played, and I lost the DS versión years ago.
A little venty, but this has been on my mind.

I wish the world cared more about mental health. It's not right that it's totally socially acceptable to yell at your kids when you don't need to. Children today are growing up being expected to have undying faith to their family no matter how emotionally abusive they are. I'm getting sick of it. People shouldn't be parents if they can't exert the fucking energy to control their own emotions, or at least apologize if they act out irrationally.
Long time no see, Twocans. It's been a while. I wish I had parted on better terms, but I guess that's life sometimes. Anyway, something reminded me of the old roleplays I was a part of, and after checking some dates on things, I figured I ought to give some kind of life update considering what's going on in the world, and the simple fact a lot has changed for me. At least for those who may be concerned.

To start with, TheSane1 and I are still together! We're living together in Milwaukee. He's graduated and is working writing programming scripts for stuff, so he can thankfully work from home. We're otherwise doing alright.
I also have a second partner who lives in another state, which is also going well. The distance is kinda rough, but I can easily take a train to visit. (And my god are they so much cheaper and easier to travel with. No handsy TSA or cramped seats.)

So yeah, that part of my life is going great. My writing has as well. Fixed some issues with the publisher I had been using (aka one that won't steal my money), and published my second book! It's only taken 5 years. I'm working on the third and final one for the series, hopefully having it finished by the end of the year. I'm otherwise unemployed, so I've got time to make that a job. It wasn't from the virus, rather from a few issues including no car and PTSD from working at Walmart as a janitor for a year+. God do I have some horror stories from that job.
I've also actually practiced drawing more, too. Nothing too special, but it's better than what it was.

My writing Twitter if anyone is curious about the books. (Also please check out the artist I got to draw me a cover, his stuff is RAD)

I'm not really sure what else to include here, since there's a lot that's happened in the like, 4 years since I've been here? Shoot me a DM if ya want. I won't be active here, but I'll try to reply to any messages I get. My discord should be in my profile too, which would be a better way to talk to me.
Later y'all.
welcome back nerd
Liv said:
Hey larana! How are you and your family going?

We are well all things considered. How about you?
Ombra was right, and as far as I can tell, didn't rub it in. Classy. :D

:eyes: what was I right about I'm lost

Also how's everyone holding up :P
What's up, young homie? I'm good. Hope you're staying safe. You too larana.
Both me and my hubs lost our jobs independently today. So that's neat.
Shit, I'm sorry to hear that, Dev.
If it helps to lighten the mood, our webmaster uploaded onto his YouTube channel today
Just found out my birthday coincides with the original release date of the first Star Wars. Somehow went my whole life without figuring that out. Weird.
I always thought they should have waited until May 4th.
If it helps to lighten the mood, our webmaster uploaded onto his YouTube channel today

Wait, Blake has a youtube?
Oh yeah, the sort video. Saw that in my twitter feed. Really weird to see it graphically represented.

Waiting on Bogosort That'll
ahh i am starting my new intimidating job two weeks sooner than expected. Not panicking. nope. not at all.
That sounds terrifying. Good luck preparing in time, dude.
You'll be fine, Liv. Don't sweat it.
Randomly checked my user page. Realized it's my account's cake day.
aw jeez, I just botched my batch of cookies.
zero out of ten for aesthetics and texture, but at least they taste pretty alright.
I'm drowning in butter as of now.

Also, cheers to a happy belated twocanniversary for Kylljoy.
Happy late twocanniversary Kyljoy
If your cookies have 0 Charisma doesn't that mean they've died?
My train of thoughts brought me back here. Was going through my old email and found a message from the inbox fairy. Got a little nostalgic so I came to say hi for a lil bit. Too bad this site isn't as poppin as it used to be tho.
Sega isn't done with Sonic until he gets his own unix man page
My knowledge is brief, but AI and algorithms (and anything similar) are fascinating.
It's uncanny how stuff like speech synthesis could now mimic another person's voice.
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