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Everyone who reads this: I don’t care what you’re doing, go get a donut, leave it in your fridge over night, cut it in half the next day, put it in an oven at 325F until it’s crispy, then spread butter on it like it’s toast. Don’t do this except like maybe once a month at most.

I read that like the authoritative Arby's cowboy meme.

I'll have to try that.
I’m smoking a re-lit cigarette, is that healthy enough?
the fact that i saw all this after eating a donut :(
i don't agree with the autoban rules; i think they're a bit dumb. but it's fine. i'm willing to live with them because despite their quirks, i can respect what they set out to accomplish. with that said, i am immediately going to try to instigate another autoban immediately after making this post.
You fool. That was Arby himself got me dyin', haha.
Well, time for a four hour flight to Indiana. Hopefully the planes are as Covid-safe as everyone says they are
I’m on a road trip to Arizona to see the grand canyon
"The Grand Canyon - That pothole America never bothered to fill in"
The Pacific Ocean - A puddle that the sun never dried up
The Earth - a rock that never got obliterated in the void
Kylljoy said:
"The Grand Canyon - That pothole America never bothered to fill in"

Probably best if they didn’t
If you had to fill the grand canyon with one thing, what would it be?
Cannabis and poppy plant.
^Yes. It would take shit tons of effort because neither would grow well, if at all, in that climate, but yes. Terraform the Grand Canyon.
i beat lost pig today
When will the world end. like a meaty-or could hit anytime and kill us all
nasa has charted every celestial object that could feasibly affect earth or the solar system within the next 50 years, i think.

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
spoiler: i'm lying out of my ass
I posted an irreverent meme and someone said, "OK I'm Christian, but I found that funny." and I responded with,

"You merely adopted Christianity. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see a science textbook until I was a man."

And I laughed because it was funny and cried because it was true, haha. Then I laughed again cuz it looked a total neck beard post, haha.
If you had to fill Christianity with one thing what would it be?
I don't think anything needs to be added to it. I would remove most of the core Christian beliefs regarding heaven, hell, life, death, sin, salvation, and the purpose of existence. I think they are falsely based on the Bible, I think they are harmful beliefs. I think this about any religion that espouses similar tenets to Christianity.

As a child I was taught that humans are born into a natural state of sin and evil. I was told that my natural state was one of damnation without external salvation from Jesus Christ. It messed me up bad. I had night terrors, cripplingly low self esteem, and eventually suicidalism with some lackluster, non committal attempts on my life that never really came close to actually offing myself... But still.

The only cure to my suicidalism was to read the Bible again as a young man, realize my beliefs I'd been indoctrinated into as a child weren't even based on anything in the Bible, and then later go the full distance and reject the notion that the Bible was the infallible word of god.

Before I was very certain of this, I would sometimes go back and read the four Gospels. Its very difficult to be a Christian when you are reading four books where Jesus is constantly teaching things that contradict Christianity. Especially because Christianity claims to teach Jesus's words, and then contradict almost everything he says.

I think the four gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John read without any context or preexisting beliefs would never in a million years create a religion that even remotely resembled Christianity.

It was the best, healthiest, most effective thing I've ever done for myself was to just let go of poisonous doctrines and expel toxic beliefs from my brain. I've had a few well meaning Christians try to reconvert me.

I've had a few loved ones cry because they think I'm going to Hell. I've had a few accidentally smug loved ones believe that I will "see the light" and reclaim my old harmful, false, and toxic beliefs I was raised into. Its a really sore thing for me because its alienated me from my family forever.

Even though I try to be nice, there's a constant subtle rejection of me by them and an implication that I have fallen from righteousness, sanity, and salvation because I don't share their beliefs and it sours my family ties. That souring of ties is where my enmity and bitterness toward the religion come from.
I read all of that and honestly it made me feel really bad for you having gone through all of that, especially because reading some of the Bible between 18-21 really helped me get out of “don’t even let him near a knife” territory. I do have a question though, and I mean this in the nicest way possible: was it more an issue with Christians and Christianity itself or was it more to do with your upbringing? I’m not trying to imply that it’s one or the other of course. I ask because it’s something I asked myself eventually. I thought I was most likely going to hell if somehow the concept of God did make any sense at all. Note that at the time I wrote off religious people and atheists alike for even stopping to think about God because the concept wasn’t definable and so its existence wasn’t relevant. But still something drew me to the Bible, like a voice in the back of my head. I consider myself a Christian now, though most of the time both religious and irreligious people I meet tend to tell me that I’m not exactly Christian. But anyway the reason I ask is because I know what was going on with me was dealing with the fallout from numerous bad, traumatizing at times, experiences at the hands of people who were supposed to take care of and care for/about me. And being someone who grew up in the coastal south east, of course they my parents who took me to church every Sunday and other people who went to and worked at the church as well. Anyway also to answer things you or other people reading might wonder: do I think you’re going to Hell? No. Do I think your life would be better just by believing in God? No. Would I prefer you to be a Christian? I think it would be cool if you could enjoy it too, but clearly it’s not good for you so I don’t think I’d even want you to try. Do I think it’s bad you’re not Christian? No. Do I realize that was an intensely emotional and significant part of your life that shaped who you are now? Yes, I do and I hate that you had to go through experiences that caused you that much pain. See the whole reason I ask “is it the religion or the life” is because I remember when I started reading parts of the Bible when I was younger that it was something I really wanted, but I hated most everything I had been taught about it so far, so I just kind of... made it my own. Idk. I’m not saying “man, you should have approached it differently”, I guess I’m just asking like... I mean if you feel comfortable going more into it, then please do. I guess essentially this is my shitty attempt at asking you to help me understand more.
It was just the teachings. Born into sin which is damnation, but the good news is that Christ saves us from sin. I was very devout, I used to hand write scriptures usually from Proverbs and pin them to my desk so it would be the first thing I saw.

It'd be idiotic to delude myself and pretend that during my short life my thinking isn't shaped by it still, but I like to say its in a good way.

I still quote parts of the Bible that I think are useful and true, I believe in a higher power and a higher purpose. I just don't do the whole religion thing where I say the Bible is the infallible word of god I think that bits harmful because then I have to explain a bunch of stuff that doesn't ring true and doesn't sit well with my conscience that is also in the Bible.

One of my least favorite parts of the Bible that was a red flag early on for me even as a kid inculcated into the system was the part where children were burned alive at the stake. Their crime? Their father stole, like, some goods from Jericho after they were commanded to destroy it all.

Not a thousand theological books could ever convince me that god would command me to burn children alive at the stake for the crime of theft by their father. Not if it were true and god himself told me to do it would I actually do it. That was an early sign that I wasn't going to be in the classic form of the faith for my whole life.

I like to think that I have retained the aspects of my Christian upbringing that are good which are a few, but let go of the rest of it.

Ecclesiastes is still one of my favorite books, just in general, its a really psychadelic book always gives me a sense of grandeur and sort of zooms me out to a larger cycle of existence and my place within it.
Man, Water Phoenix really does always have good and well thought out stuff to say...

On a lighter note I find I really like windy days.
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