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e-bag said:
I didn't know that wasn't a cereal.

get educated omg

editing people's quotes is my new favorite hobby

not editing people's quotes is my new favorite hobby

Well if you want to eventually there is an edit that quote forum
dumbkeara said:
i really enjoy the carrot cake oreos. too bad they were only out for a limited time

I did not. The cream cheese was too sour.
What is the general opinion of me?
You were better as a carrot
Not a carrot.
He's salt now
Not a pepper
Well if you want to eventually there is an edit that quote forum

can someone please direct me to this forum
i knew it
stop trying to convince people that my link is a rickroll
It's not.
it's a shame they stopped making doawk movies
What is the general opinion of me?
That’s not something you should put a lot of effort into caring about.
What is the general opinion of me?
That’s not something you should put a lot of effort into caring about.

And i agree with you 100%

But my brain is weird and i do care😩
Pelon said:
And i agree with you 100%

But my brain is weird and i do care😩

Most people do. You need to actively train yourself not to. One of the ways you can do this is, counterintuitively, by not asking. Asking is crutch, and you don't need a crutch. You need to learn to walk.
It also helps if people severely judge you negatively then you can practice choosing to think differently about yourself in spite of what other people think or feel.

Lots of people judge me, sometimes rightfully so, othertimes not so rightfully so.

The most challenging judgments to overcome are the ones that come from within yourself. I still have some of these, I think most people do. This is where the real work begins and ends.

If there is a valid judgment against yourself, change your behavior. If there is an invalid judgment, change your thoughts.
Also what helps is finding out what people you care about. If you’re thinking about different people you know and notice that you don’t know much about one of them and don’t have a connection to them, you don’t need to wonder what they think about you. If it’s someone you’re interested in romantically or a friend or someone you want to be friends with or a family member you like then yeah those are people whose opinions about you to take into consideration. And of course if it’s someone who has some sort of power over you or someone who might hire you, then yeah make an effort to make sure they don’t dislike you at the least. But like, randos? Hell no.

Edit: Also if you don’t like the person, you definitely don’t need to take their opinions with a grain of salt.

Edit again: Especially not internet randos. I’ve had so many random people I don’t even spend time talking to directly say terrible shit about me on different websites, this one included. It just gets funny eventually. And the funniest part is that they’ll say stuff as though they think I’ll actually care. One user here went on a rant about what me editing my posts a lot and how they find my posts hard to read says about my character. Even if I didn’t tell you that I already thought they were annoying as shit, and if I hadn’t already told you that I thought they were a douchebag because of how often they made lengthy verbal attacks against other users too then that alone should be enough to show what I felt when they said that. However if someone, for example, on twocans that I consider a friend and talked to told me something mean, then I’d get a little hurt and think “What the fuck man? Okay elaborate and I’ll hear you out” if it was some attack on my character. If it was just something mean and nothing else, then I’d say something like “Alright that hurt my feelings, but it’s okay because my guess is you’re having a bad day.”

Edit again again: And some people might disagree and say that even then you still should care because it’s important what you make yourself out to be to others, but there’s too many people in the world and so few of them will ever be your friend or care about you or have some sort of legal or financial power over you— so too many that at a certain point, caring about that just becomes insecure and vain.

Edit again again again: And even someone who is one of those people whose opinions are worth taking seriously, not all of their opinions are going to be worth taking seriously. There’s things to dislike about everyone. You kinda just have to learn what’s important and what isn’t. This also goes both ways like, you don’t have to like everything about someone or agree with them on everything, even things that are highly important to you, to be their friend and care about them.

Though I am of the opinion that you should forgive anything and care about everyone, at least their well-being (that’s the easiest thing about someone to give a shit about) even if they’re, by convention, ‘evil.’ I still won’t ever forget Thanksgiving dinner of 2001 when my Christian, WW2 veteran, NRA member grandfather included a thing for Osama bin-Laden’s safety in his pre-dinner prayer in front of all his kids and grandkids. Basically it was for him to be captured safely, given a fair trial, and that he would come to repent for what he did. Granted he was also a criminal defense attorney and had just been arguing with my uncle about why going war with Afghanistan would be a terrible idea.
carlin makes a good point. there are way too many euphemisms in proportion to actual swears. i swear i was talking to my csp teacher today and in our conversation i could pick out like 30% of the words were euphemisms.
Pheo, you're a goddamn boss.
The boss in me honors the boss in you, chet.
It saddens me that, as I age, people will think I am as un-fun as I am because I'm old, when in reality I was never fun.
That's true. You never were.
Thank you.
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