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I work at a marina, so it's basically a place on the lake with a bunch of boat docks with a little bait shop that sells fishing stuff and snacks, among other things. I also gas boats on the water, but not very many have come in today. The lake I work at has two marinas, and right now I'm working at the smaller marina that has a restaurant. It tends to be less busy than the bigger marina since the other one has boat rentals, but there are more docks to clean over here so it kinda balances. Except when everything is done (like right now) there's literally nothing to do.
gosh i feel so sick right now from all the swaying. Why can't people respect the no-wake zone?
ugh it's just like the side effects to kick in when i'm HALFWAY through my english final project
update: i have purchased a popsicle
am i the only one who misses classical minecraft world generation/
nah i miss it too
I've never really played it. My daughter does though. She said there are mountain goats now.
dont forget axolotls
I haven’t played Minecraft in like ever. Yet I stay updated and I know the game just as good as an actual player even if I’ve never played it.
That being said, I’m a Creative Mode guy.
Ah yes, nothing like using a Web OS to browse the web
W_Licky said:
Well would ya look at that.

Blake is promoting himself.!

What even happened here?
If I somehow get my hands on Minecraft one day, the first thing I’ll do is hop on Creative Mode and create a city of pigs with a pig subway and a pig mayor. It’s too hard to explain where blocks go through FaceTime with my Bostonian cousin who has the game. Those blocks go everywhere but where I want it to be.
Then sacrifice a pig through some crazy religious execution on some big pyramid.
Recently switched my keyboard layout from qwerty to workman (this took a long time to type)
Jorge Luis Borges
W_Licky said:
Obviously a certain person edited every single one of those posts to be positive.
No, I'm pretty sure that's what all the messages were originally, I was there when the thread was created and I can tell you nothing has been changed.

Also, there is no war in Ba Sing Se, if anyone was curious about the state of war and peace in Ba Sing Se.
I was there when I posted it. eBag said Jaxxie was sus and I said scandalous! Yeah I’m 100% sure they were edited by a mod.
No, that never happened. The thread is unaltered.
Do you know an admin irl?
That's a tough one. No. I guess I don't. But I've know 3 or 4 of the so long it feels like I do.
Oh I was asking water Phoenix because he’s being sus but ok. Who are those admins you feel like u know irl, Chet manly?
Gray, Christine, Jordan. And I don't know them irl, but they still feel like old friends.
I don't know if the feelings of friendship I feel toward admins on this site are mutual. I never asked.
I mean we have barely talked in the last 5 years, but I still feel a feel for them
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