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My cat is cute. But really weird. I think he thinks he's part human. The way he sits is not how a kitty should sit. He sits like people do.
He's dating a girl at school. I wonder if she knows that. Oh well. Now I must go. Oi. Five miles out of my way for mom--still doable, though.
"Phoebe is hilarious."
God. I'm so tired of all of this. I'm done. I don't want to do this anymore.
People add more drama to their lives, all by themselves, and then get annoyed because of the drama.

White, I'm looking at you.
Hmmm... Why is madame making only me speak in onlyFrench? Just because I study, doesn't mean I can express everything I want with one semester of French class.
People should really keep their comments to themselves if they don't know what's going on in someone else's life.
I'm so glad I told you what that post was actually about. Now you two can have a great fucking laugh about it.
Why did it have to snow on the day I'm supposed to go home. D: I'm stranded here for another weeeeek.
I'm thinking about how aggravating and embarrassing my shift was tonight. I bent down to get a tray (I work in a pizza place) and one of my coworkers towel-whips me in the ass really hard. Not only was I humiliated in front of my other coworkers and customers, but he crossed a line. I don't care if he didn't actually hit it with his hand...still gave me a sick feeling. Not to mention, it hurt really, really bad.
@mg That does sound very humiliating and painful. I'm sorry that happened.
^Please don't double-post. You're rather new here, so maybe you don't know, but it is very highly frowned upon.

Yesterday, I put on shoes. I stared at them in confusion at the library as I didn't remember putting them on. I hate when I lose chunks of time. I'm afraid it's happening again. Oh well. It's all red, all those months. It's red and I'm not going to look at it right now.
Thinking Whovi should feel better soon. Makes me sad. :(
Why is it so bloody cold outside? T.T
I'm hungry. And "Roots, Bloody Roots" by Sepultura isn't helping with my "positive mental outlook".
This/these bug(s) is/are really fucking inconsiderate. I can't wear a backpack, or any remotely tight shirt without excruciating pain. Thanks, assholes.
Actually, how will I even wear my coat? Damn.
@mg, you can file a harrasment complaint against him for it.

I really wish they woudn't worry, but I know it's only because they care. It's nice that they're the only ones wondering what's going on.
Whovian: I thought about that, but it's one of those "I don't want to make a bigger deal out of it" things. I don't know. I definitely will if it happens again.
Mg, that's a good decision. You might also talk to the guy about how you didn't appreciate him doing that.

Charli, I have a headache too.
"My kitty looks like an ocelot. Wouldn't it be cool to have an ocelot? I think it would be cool to have an ocelot. We could do all sorts of...ocelot-y things together, me and Lucy the Ocelot."

^yep. Braindead.
^ That made me think of Revolver Ocelot...
"Ocelot, ocelot, oh oce-ocelot!"

Now imagine the barbershop quartet from the Dell commercial singing that. It's in my brain.
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