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Depends, what form of Wario are we talking?
Yeah, I should be able to, he would be defeated in two hits with my fist
The question is, how strong is Wario in the current cannon?
Well in Warioland 1, he can shoot fire, glide, and create shockwaves, depends on what he enters with, plus about 5 lives
My current thought process is basically "Hey, why don't you confess your feelings for your old crush? It's not like you'll ever see her again." I am currently going through the pros and cons. There seem to be many more pros than cons, which is odd.
You might also want to make a pros and cons list from your old crush's perspective. Because that can be kinda uncomfortable depending on the situation to have someone do.
imagine this: sim racing wheel, but it's a boat tiller
Alas, I am back. I have missed this website, but I have definitely grown as a person since I was last logged on and I am delighted to say that while my life isn't perfect my life is happy :) I graduated high school last week and I leave for college mid-August. I work at Chick-Fil-A and that's a pretty good deal. Not much else to say. I am happy, today is a good day! I thought it would be appropriate to make my return since I finally bought myself a personal computer, I used to post from my school chromebook but then they banned tcas so...not ideal. Hopefully I'll be on here more often :)))

Edit: Has it really been so long since I've been here that my pfp is a pixelated Mordertwi meme...?
yeah, you arent even the vice president anymore as well

If not me then who???????
who now?
This person
Ohhh I think I remember them

Off topic but last night I went to a Phoebe Bridgers concert and it was gas
I like the phrase "worthless god".
i finally beat sans after dying like 1000 times yay im the best
He can be beaten?
only 1% of people have beaten him
One thing that would help is playing a game and taking a look at the [Power of NEO]
It's a great night when the shake machine breaks right before your shift ends so you can't get that shake you were gonna buy to celebrate your first paycheck, then you get in your car and your dad tells you your sister broke her arm.

Edit: she's fine btw
Yeah, those things can put a small caveat in your plans
Yep. I was an hour late to playing Siege cause of it.
Currently on break. My tummy hurts from eating one too many chicken minis. And I still have 7 hours left of my shift. Wah.
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