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Because we all love something :)

I love the fact that I will now go to sleep - voluntarily! Happens rarely these days.
I love bacon.
I love Kexja. :)
Also pizza with swiss cheese, and the fact I sleep more.
I love Cheez its, and coloured writing.
I love guitars.
xD I love Io. <3
I love my silly silly boy <3
I love being uber silly with my friends.
I love Lamp.
I love doing crazy stuff anonymously, and then having someone tell me about the stuff I did as if it were someone else.
I can't get the colored text to work. Which is probably a good thing.

And I love Fun.
Did this color work?

EDIT: Cool, I did it.
I'm not sure how others are doing color, but I just write what I want, highlight it, then add color.
I love my mom. I hope I didn't upset her too much.
Kexja, I know you're worried. I still worry about my mum, and I told her my biggest secret two years ago. She still hovers sometimes.
What was your biggest secret?
When I was 11 my friend's older brother raped me. I didn't tell anyone until I was a sophomore in highschool.
Jesus Christ.... you sure that you want that on here? I mean, that seems really personal and basically anyone can go on here and see that....
I've come to terms with it. It really doesn't bother me anymore.
Okay, sorry, that just really caught my eye and I wanted to make sure it was okay.
I'm sorry, Who. :/

I love Charli. She's my world.
I totally love the fact that I just passed my maths exam.
I love...starts with a P ends with an E.(Well, technically, it ends with an S if it''s plural, but let's not go there) Actuallly, I love Doctor Who, more specifically, David Tennant.
I love strawberries. It's been so long since I actually had one.
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