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I love my new leather jacket.

thing cost me 180 €, but man ... it feels so good :3
I think I just fell for you Empress.
I love being happy. My man is 100% amazing.

13th post. Yay for lucky numbers!
I love having her in my life. She makes everything better.
I love icecream with milk in the bowl.
I love my friends, they truly are amazing.
I love not having anything to do today.
I love TwoCans2. I really do!
I love sleeping all day.
13 is also prime.
I love eating a lot of food. I couldn't today, but tomorrow, I'm going to start eating early so I can eat more overall!
I love celebrity impersonators.
I love the rain
I love dancing in the rain.
I love how the plans for this weekend is forming
I love it when he tells me he loves me.
Whovian said:
I love it when he tells me he loves me.

I love how happy music can make me.
I love that, eventually, everybody I don't like goes away. I am excited.
I love dinosaurs.
^Raz, that was excellent. And my immediate first thought.

I love comics.
Well, i didn't say it for me.
I love having a certain lion in my bed.
I love the Love Thread. I don't want the Hate Thread to win, so I post here instead of writing "I hate the Hate Thread" in the Hate Thread.

Go, Love! Go!
Oh! Rink! Btw! How's the lovely girl?
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