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Drink warm water if it’s your throat.

Also I drink honey water when I have a sore throat and it was first suggested by an er nurse when I got sick during my dads surgeries in 2016. If it works, I wouldn’t know, but it taste good!
Nah just my stomach basically. No other problems aside from hurting all over my body.
I love saltines, ginger ale, and Zofran because I am very sick.

I hope you feel better. If you're vomting there is an over the counter anti nausea med called Emetrol. It helped my hubby a lot
I’ll have to try that stuff out. It’s an interesting product.

I thought I was better today but then I threw up over lunch.
i love hatsune miku. she's just so cute
She’s also even less real than other anime girls.
Hatsune Miku isn't real you say?
Yes. She is in fact both not real and not a character in a story.
i think you mean, "more real"
I would like to napalm an anime convention now. Do people genuinely like the music or is it just that it’s a skinny anime girl with giant tits dancing and jumping up and down?
I love how that isn't even the only pizza-based miku meme out there.
Now that I liked but only because penis testicles haha
We all laugh at pee pee poo poo joke down here.
Heh heh, you said poo poo lmao.
I've forgotten how cathartic peeling a sunburn is. It's giving me flashbacks to Malcolm in the Middle, too bad there's not enough to make an ecr suit.
That episode haunts me. The trashbag. It's so gross 🤢
I love Excedrin, it’s like Tylenol and caffeine (because it is).
She’s also even less real than other anime girls.

Less real huh?


I had the best caesar wrap a at a rest stop in Ohio, sometime around the 2010's and I still fantasize about it to this day.
i love the 12 seconds that follow this timestamp
GER looks a bit different ngl
MSG. It's amazing.
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