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Nice try, but you aren't fooling me. I use Firefox, therefore I am superior.
It will work on anyone using chrome
Haha, no it doesn't. I'm on chrome, clicked on it, and nothing happened.
Looks like the school blocker has my back this time.
on chrome, it didnt work for me
I have made an error
Evidently so.
I love excess energy from energy drinks that makes me love everything, which then causes me to love energy drinks, which causes a cycle of loving absolutely everything and being super happy.
i love beds that are warm and nice and happy with no dirt. so cozy
you just reminded me that i should probably go to sleep
If you do, then sleep well.
Titan never goes to sleep
I love being in public places. Just had a conversation with a guy while he was peeing in a Gatorade bottle about how the manager of the washeteria shouldn’t lock the bathroom after she leaves at 5pm. He was polite enough to do it from behind a wall, thankfully.

Look at this little shit. Don'tcha love him? I sure as hell do.
He appears to be happy. But why?
He is touching grass. And is about to bite someone.
Regardless, he is adorable.
I love being busy because if you're busy enough then you won't have time to care about the things making you want to curl up into the fetal position and cry.
i love primus. it isnt "boohoo their old stuff is better" or "boohoo their new stuff is better", it is all a superior form of music. i have never heard a single bad primus song. primus
It is the epitome of alternative rock. No, the epitome of all rock. Just cancel all other music now, Primus will always be better than what you are listening to.
I love plushies. Sure, I don't really do anything with them except for place them next to all my other ones, but a lot of them are hella huggable and it is acceptable and perfectly normal to sleep with one.
I did that when I was a teenager.
I miss doing that when I was younger. I stopped when my dog started sleeping in my bed with me, but now that dog is dead.
I never had any stuffed toys as a kid, but I do remember having this one giant pink fluffy bear
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