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I miss doing that when I was younger. I stopped when my dog started sleeping in my bed with me, but now that dog is dead.

I loved my stuffed animals as a kid. I slept w a ton of them. The frog has a big collection of Beanie Boos that live in his closet. Mostly cats. He has a Tiger named Stripes that he's calls Tiger. It's his most cherished thing. He's had it about 12 years I think.
I love weekends
I like your username
I love you guys. I really mean it.
Fuck off.

Edit: I just realized you were you, I thought you were Sammich. Never mind.
I love my 3 dogs. Two of them are super chill, and one is a total crazyhead. All of them are super loyal and loving, though. Sometimes, they fight, but it's mostly play, and it's easy to break them apart. Sometimes, in the mornings, 2 of them will come jump on my bed and lick my face to wake me up. All of them are so, so nice. And cute. Even Hank, who has bumps all over. Hank is 15, and I love him. When we adopted him, he didn't quite come from the best environment for a dog. Because of this, he is afraid of being patted on the head, and is missing 12 teeth. Sad, sad. Doc says that he has a heart murmur too. We'll take care of him while he's still around. I love puppies.
Kylljoy said:
Fuck off.

Edit: I just realized you were you, I thought you were Sammich. Never mind.

This is a love thread bros
I don't think that many users here are favorable of Corporeal Croissanwich. How unfortunate.
I prefer incorporeal sandwiches.
I love Corpse Sand Witches
I love Cookie Clicker. It has sucked me in. I can not escape the cookies. The grandmas haunt my dreams. Everything I see is a cookie. If it's not a circle, it's a square cookie. Worms look like Wrinklers so I try to pop them and I expect them to explode with cookies and disappear but instead, they just die and stuff. I tried to go to the Walmart near my house and buy some funny-looking cookies and see if that made me bake my Pillsbury cookies any faster but all it did was give me a stomach ache. I crave a 5% increase in cookie production. I live for milk. I have eighteen kittens in my home and I surround myself with blood milk to try to increase my cookies per second in real life. My backyard is full of grandmas. I pray to Scruuiya every day in hopes that they would give me Wrinklers for increased cookie gain, but it never comes. I tried buying Krumblor the Cookie Dragon off of eBay so I could have 5% CpS increase from milk but all I got were drugs. Please help me.
Devery said:
I like your username

Thanks :)
I love Russell Crowe's performance as Javert oml
I love being at this camp. Even though I'm in class for 4 hours everyday and I have homework, being here is absolutely amazing.
I love my kiddos. My son is super adorable and my daughter is a sparky firecracker who takes no shit.
I love my new house!
The feeling of watching the obliterated the bodies of mosquitoes fall onto the ground after you slap them off your arm.
Yup. Dirtbags
my chemical romance :)
Well, when you go
Don't ever think I'll make you try to stay
And maybe when you get back
I'll be off to find another way…
when you go, would even turn to say
i dont love you
like i did
I love coconut water. Its got potassium and it tastes good.
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