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It always bugged me that a thread with such a trivial topic as this was in the "Touchy Subjects" subforum in twocans1.

To prevent this from happening again, I create the Hate Thread where it belongs - in the same category as the "Love Thread". This will look so beautiful ... this two threads in the same subforum, it's like a dream come true for me!

Let's start:
I hate unnecessary nervousness. Like before exams that you have studied a lot for or meetings with new people or something like that.
Just what I was thinking, but we have two now. There can only be one.
Mine was posted first. Can a mod delete this and move mine, please?
I hate it when people are delusional.
No moderator powers at the moment, Io. It can be taken care of later (or by Blake if he sees this and feels like fixing it).
I hate change.
I hate having a catchy tune in my head, and then totally forgetting it for later...
I hate that you feel the way you do. If I could take away all your hate, pain, and anger I would mela. Believe me, I would.
I hate being scared. It blows.
I hate that whenever I get too nervous or upset, my stomach begins to hurt, badly. I just hope I don't puke today. New classes means having to figure out new routes to get to my classes. First few days, I'll have to take the most obvious routes. Depending on whether or not I run into the person I'm avoiding by walking that way, I'll have to change my route to class.

I get so spoiled on long weekends that I feel so scared going back. >.<
I hate it when people assume they know who you are without talking to you.
I hate waking up alone after I fall asleep to his voice. -.-
I hate not being able to be there when she wakes up. :/
I hate making him sound sad. :(
I hate the after taste of milk.
It's okay, babe. No worries, I just wish I could be there.

I hate not going to school for five days and then going back. It always feels so odd.
I hate it when you get sick when you shouldn't get sick because if you stay at home you will miss something really important at school.
I hate waking up in the morning and realizing a plug has fallen out of my ear and Im down like two sizes.

I hate it when someone just won't drop something. It's annoying as hell. Really, some things shouldn't need to be explained. I hate to agree against someone, but some people just need to come off their high horse.
I hate having to listen to the constant noise coming from them about that stupid video game.
I hate the sound of chewing, even relatively quiet chewing. It makes me physically uncomfortable to be around.
I hate people who have no idea what they're talking about.
I don't hate, I despise national rail.
I hate it when people lie to you. Especially when they decide to make the truth known days later.
I hate how cautious I have to be now.
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