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What do you need to be cautious about?
What I say. My mom has starting checking my Facebook and my cell.
At least she doesn't know about this site.
I'm sorry Kexja. Is it because of what you told her?
Yes, she is just trying to protect me, but not talking to Io doesn't actually help.
She cares about you, Kexja. We can still talk here.
I hate that people know exactly what to say to piss me off. And instead of just keeping it to themselves, they throw it out there and then they act like nothing happened.
I hate how stupid she is. "Don't worry, she (meaning me) will get over it and we'll be friends again." No, you dumb backstabbing bitch, we will not. Ever. The BFF necklace didn't even hurt when I ripped it off of my neck hard enough to snap the chain in two places.

I hate how she doesn't realize that once I tell someone "I hate you", physically put it out there, I never take it back. And I will never take this back.

I hate betrayal.
Charli, do you want to talk about it?

I hate having to wake up from a perfectly good dream.
I hate having to wear people clothes.
Thanks Who. :)

I hate hiccups.
I hate fighting.
I hate people sometimes.

Ugh. I spent fifteen minutes picking up glass off the side walk. A lot of it was stuck in the cracks. I wish people would think about what they're doing--really, the only people who get hurt by things like that are very little kids. The idea of little Leila or Savanna or my baby brother Ian getting their feet sliced open makes me want to cry.
I hate being told when I should have what emotions. It's not like I can control it -.-
It really is fucking annoying when people do that.
"Just choose to be happy." Just choose not to be a stupid bitch.
How exactly do you CHOOSE to feel anything? /raises eyebrow

You two talking about the same person, or is it just the same problem?
I have no idea what Ant is talking about.
Just curious, sorry. >.<
No need to be sorry!! -hugs-

Edit: Oh my goodness, two exclamations marks!
*hugs back

Okay dearie. :)
Same problem. I get it a lot, from a lot of different people.
"I'm upset."
"Choose to be happy instead."
"Are you even human?"
Ahh, okee.

I hate it when people I know for a fact are dating keep hitting on me. --_--
That makes more sense, i'll reply with that next time.
That is extremely irritating, Never.
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