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It is. Especially since the girl he's dating is such a sweetheart.
I hate how firefox decided it was a wonderful idea to close, when now i can no longer talk to her >:(
I hate seeing posts like that. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm glad you're happy, but stuff like that makes me want to die.
I hated that that happened too. >.< Gah. And I had to leave then, or miss my ride. I'm sorry, babe.

Today, my alarm clock decided it was going to go off every nine minute until I unplugged it. I slid it off. Didn't work. Slid it on to radio with that's volume off. Didn't work. Got pissed off and ripped it out of the wall. If it goes off again, it will be relocated to the freezer. Demon clock.
You stick things in the freezer when they bother you too? I thought Joey from "Friends" and I were the only ones!

I also hate how Whovi is hurting. :/
Which is exactly why when I lose a textbook or an essay, first place I look is the freezer.
I put my poptarts in there; That, and chocolate on occasion.
I hate bright lights.
Charli, don't worry about me, I'll be alright.

I hate that you have a rationalization for everything. Especially when you're wrong.
I hate it when the mouse decides to stop working.
I hate being ill.
Char, would you like me to fly up there {with Ninj of course} so we can take care of you?
I would love to do that. We're supposed to have another snow day tomorrow anyway. :P
That would be awesome, but the boys are home, so we're talking 14 people in this house as it is, plus you guys...and my family is loud. XD
You say this as if we can't {and won't} kick them all out.
I don't think you can...they're pretty big. But, Whovi, if you don't mind bunking with me and my three sisters, and if Ninj doesn't mind sleeping in the basement, living room, or my sisters' room with some of the boys, we'll all fit. :P
You underestimate me. I'll kick them out, just watch me.
I hate that I have to go.
Raz, I love you.
I hate feeling like a situation is beyond me being able to fix.
I hate when he gets angry. I can't calm him down very easy. :(
You do a marvelous job at it, babe. :)
Didn't seem like it. :P
Trust me, you helped a lot. :)
I hate that you're acting this way. Just because I'm saying things that you don't like.
I hate feeling nervous.
I hate when people pretend to be me.
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