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Then maybe you can finally explain it?
That’s awful. What kind of illegal things? The usual things that are both illegal and pictures?
Just... bad stuff involving minors or gore. Thankfully not both at the same time as far as I can tell.
Yep. Those are the usual things that are both illegal and are pictures. So glad that not tons of people use a certain browser anymore. Don’t go a’fuckin’ around on that website if that shit’s still there. Better yet, just avoid any website where you can find stuff like that merely on accident.
Grayseff said:
I am obviously Lord of the Furries.

The William Golding novel?
I hate people who say that furries are weird without actually trying to see why they are furries.
I mean, there most certainly are the ones that do nsfw stuff, and the ones who are willing to spend a thousand dollars on a weird halloween costume, but there are a lot of teenagers who are furries because they find it easier to express themselves that way.
What makes people into furries?
you're not actually a furry until you identify yourself as one. (sorry grayseff) anyways, you either like anthropomorphic animals or you see yourself being one, but that's a really basic description.
Here's a good video. (disregard the title, it's actually a really good video.)

well Im not smart enough to make it work
Okay that's two angles on one reason one personwho explicitly de-identifies! likes having furries around (good for art, art is good). But I don't buy the 'confidence' explanation; it's inconsistent to say that the same people who derive confidence and identity from are actually possessed of innate high self-confidence to be able to fur in the furst first place.

I'm (still) not dissing, just haven't heard anything directly address my question. How does furry expression boost self-expression generally?

[Edit: I wouldn't mind moving this discussion to a different thread.]
gws said:
I wouldn't mind moving this discussion to a different thread.

Helpful Suggestion : Someone want to make a "Furries" thread in Touchy Subjects?
you're not actually a furry until you identify yourself as one.

Yeah throwback to that time Dragon insisted that I was a furry after I mentioned that I wasn't. Dragon was something.
I wanna meet this dragon.

Edit: I made the furries thread, now back to hating.

Let's move this elsewhere.
I hate getting a discord notification at school when I can't open it
I hate when people at my school unironically say "Sudoku" when referring to the Japanese ritual suicide. I guess people around them say it ironically enough they think that's the correct definition.

Edit: Alphanewmerik, just use a phone too old to do anything with. I have a Nokia 2115i and it hardly ever gives me discord notifications
I have a flip phone
I got my other phone confiscated a few weeks back
I still remember the anger though

also it's called seppuku right
I don't know how it's spelled, but I'm pretty sure it's not the same as the number puzzle grid game.

I just realized I have a few mostly-unsolved seppuku books on my bookshelf. I should start doing those again.
also it's called seppuku right

Nah, man. Pretty sure it's sudoku.

The most honorable way to go
When your number's up...
Hate not to have enough money for your dream house. Started to look for a property for sale in Greece and very surprised with prices. I guess will have to work 1-2 more years to be able to buy a villa as I want instead of apartment that I can get now.
your soul is claimed
Hate unconstructive memes.
What are unconstructive memes? Memes that don't promote personal growth?
(Useless mind infections that aren't informative or funny.)
I hate people who say they believe in something but have never researched what that set of beliefs is (like political parties, religions, etc.)
dibs on your soul
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